I have also experienced the 11:11 Phenomena

Having experienced this same 11:11 phenomena with thousands of people I kept asking myself and others; what did we have in common? Why were we chosen? My first instinct was to commence with a process of elimination and I shared this idea with a few people that were experiencing the same 11:11 phenomena. I received some feedback of course unsatisfying to me. I continued to look into it and reading what the numerologist, the light workers, and others said to be the so called “truth.”

I also see 1111

I am a born again Pentecostal Christian women I believe that God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost are 1. I have been experiencing the same 1111 phenomena for over 3 years. I can give you many examples of the times I’ve seen this number but as you can read it’s been over 3 years and honestly speaking I am tired of seeing it because it has been every single day at every time in my house, in the streets, at work, and on TV.

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