Abortion………I think that it is wrong…..What is your opinion


this isnt fair

i have recently told you guys that i got into porn and i said that i wanted out. I i hadn’t for like 3 weeks and tonight i relapsed. I feel that over the past couple of weeks i have gotten closer with Christ and i really felt like i was becoming who i am meant to be. But this struggle with porn is time consuming and I HATE IT. I want it gone and out of my life forever. I need help. Please can you guys help me

i have a big problem

So this is kinda hard to admit but i have a problem with pornography. and i am posting because you guys have helped in the past and i need your help now. I told my youth minister and he told me to tell my parents. so they know but i am really struggling with it. i want it to go away,

My struggle with life

I wanted to take the chance to tell you my testimony. I grew in a christian home, my mom was raised in the LCMS Lutheran church and my dad didnt really become a christian until he married my mom. We went to church and we talked about god. So i dont really have an interesting testimony until about Freshman year of High School, I am a Junior now and my life has changed so much.

A broken Heart

So recently i told the person i loved that i loved them and it feels like they ripped my heart out and stomped on it. I know i am suppose to go to god but i feel like i cant. help me please

I just cant take it anymore

So recently i have been feeling like i am in a hole. I feel like because i am in this hole, i am getting farther away God. I have been in this hole for a while. Satan has been tempting me and telling me to do things and look at things that i know is wrong and i hate these things. I have been trying to resist, i gave in a couple of times. I feel like he is sucking the life out of me. I feel like he is destroying the relationship i have with God. I havent told anybody about this, i have been trying to deal with it myself. I want to be closer to God, I want to be as close as i can get.

WestBoro Baptist Church

I dont know how to explain the anger and hatred for that church. They do not know to follow Christ and love each other. They preach hate against Homosexuals and Preach Hate against the Great United States of America. I dont know how to express what i feel. They make signs saying “Thank God for […]

I have a few Pray requests

So the Vice President of our Church and one of the member of the Board of Elders were in a horrible car accident. The V.P Tony Grichnik was driving with Jim Kane in one of his old cars and he thought he saw something run across the street and they swerved and ran into a ditch. When they gained Consciousness they prayed and Jim forced himself out of the car and made his way to the road to get help. They Both have a broken a leg in 4 places and they are badly injured. So please pray for them.

So i made a mistake

Okay, so today at School one of my friends in Homeroom, brought a Satanic Bible and i made the mistake of reading one or two lines. After i stopped i felt like my eyes were burning and that Satan was about to throw everything he had at me. So i prayed to God to forgive me. But i still feel bad for doing it. What should i do, because i don’t want to lose this fight with Satan. Please help me out with any way possible

God Testing you

So if somebody really wanted to test there faith would they like ask God to do it or read something like the Satanic Bible. What would somebody do if they did that. I heard that if a Christian reads the Satanic Bible, that there is a very high chance of following it. So i want to know your thoughts on the topic

Yours Truly,
Will Smith

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