God’s Healing Power

I have witnessed many miracles. God has used me several times to minister healing miracles. The one I remember most happened when I was a Realtor. I was visiting a family that wanted to sell their home and they had asked me to do it for them. While I was there, their 18 year old son came in with his arm in a sling. I asked him what happened. He had dislocated his shoulder the previous night at a gathering of young folks at his church. I asked if he wanted God to fix it for him and he said yes. I gently laid my hand on his shoulder and in the name of Jesus spoke healing into his shoulder.

Hearing God’s Voice

I once attended a 3 day seminar with The Happy Hunters. Charles & Frances Hunter went throughout the country putting on “Healing Explosions” where you spent 3 days learning about healing the sick and then on the final day, the doors were opened and the public came in to hear the Hunters minister. Finally, everyone who needed healing would come to those of us who had finished the training and we would pray for them.

Miraculous Baptism of the Holy Spirit

In 1981, I was temporarily living with some friends in Oklahoma. I went to church with them only to find out that it was a Charismatic church – gasp!. Being raised Baptist, I believed all of the Gifts of the Spirit, especially tongues, had passed away with the Apostles. I sat in the back of the church with my friends and my wife (also Baptist) just waiting for the service to end, so I could get out of that awful place. After the service, the preacher asked me and my wife to come forward for “a word from the Lord”. This was our first visit, so he didn’t know us, nor we, him.

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