The Rapture and the outcome:

I have done much research on the rapture and I have come to realize that all who may be rapture
will face the judgment seat of Christ to receive rewards. It is my belieth that there may be a division even for rapture saints. I have leard through various sources that not all rapturesaints will attend the marriage feast or rein with Christ for the thousand years on earth but I also have some mix opinions about thissubject. I would like others to give me some feedback concerning this if at all, I have been perplex about this for time now and I hop others do have some concern as well.

Choo thomas’ book

I have purchased Choo thomas’ book and after I read it I passed it on to others. Unfortunately, the first person who read it felt disgusting after reading it, another friend read it part way through and was terrified. He said he wouldn’t touch or come near that book, he later told me that he put the book in a box and set it ablazed. These people are unsaved, if the unsaved people feel that if it that hard for christians to enter heaven then it is no hope for them.

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