A Knight’s Prayer

Forever Glory, what are your thoughts?
What pray tell, are your forget me nots?
I see your promise in the beautiful rainbow,
knowing that all rain must eventually go.
On one great day, you’ll return with clouds,
in the glorious way you left earths shrouds.
Do you think of that day like a groom to be?
Among all of your bride, please remember me.
Place me on a horse to ride at your side.
Send me in your army and return like a tide.
I know when I am week that you are strong.
Will you hum this melody as your own song?
Will you dispatch angels in legions for me,
so I can return them to

Shore of Submission

A father and son holding hands.
Together walking in shifting sands.
Plowing through the waves of strife,
leave death to find eternal life.
Nothing stops obedience so bold.
Not rain, or snow, or freezing cold.
A miracle beset in an ocean’s foam.
The boy surrendered to God’s throne.
He went underwater, all can attest.
His spirit there was laid to rest.
Pulled under by currents, like One before,
his sin would curse him in kind no more.
Convictions triumphed at submission’s shore,
in that unrelenting internal spiritual war.
A new life to enjoy and to walk uprightly,
together with hi

For the People

Father God we look to you,
in troubled times like these.
For unending wars and too much debt,
which bring us to our knees.
For people here who have lost their faith,
and confuse reality.
For all manner of our dreaded sin,
even distorted sexuality.
For the first world burning wheat for heat,
while starvation plagues the rest.
For wasted money on foreign oil,
when our own soil could pass the test.
For mineral rights given only to Elk Hills,
while not on my land because “if it spills”.
For forgetting the penalties for rebellion,
as it was in Deuteronomy,
For the price of meat that

Restoring a City

Life in the city was hard but it was OK,
then it was transformed in a wonderful way.
It all came about by a divine request,
someone prayed for God’s forgiveness.
A few said separation of church and state,
but many still changed because God is Great!
Then some argued forget kindness, educate,
we’ve blood and airborne diseases to debate.
Yet travelers there, were now asked to pray,
for those less fortunate they saw that day.
Patiently waiting instead of honking a horn,
drivers now tried to make it their norm.

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