God is very SPECIFIC!!!

I use to use my flesh mind to try to understand the spiritual things of God. Often in my life my spirit of lostness would tangle with the Holy Spirit. God was right and I was wrong. Father God is very specific in his goals and dreams and marching orders for those of us who choose to serve him. A lot of times I discern that Christians are more concerned with “controlling God’s will” by looking at how they approach this present time of darkness(how they pray and why they pray) in our World history. I have heard a lot of folks putting down,judging,ect…The USA.

My Testimony-by Freddy (cleanasfire)

I was born in Bucks co. Pennsylvania in America. I was mentally abused and very scared of life early on. I experimented sexually as a child. My dad was mean and I was afraid of him. My mom loved me but she too suffered much at his temper and mental abuse. I gradually got into music and drugs. My dad had a lot of druggy friends so obtaining was no problem for me. I loved my Grandma and Grandpa on fathers side a lot. They knew the horrible abuse he did and would hide me at their house alot. My dad was a musician too. I wanted his love. He gave me drugs and anger.

I need prayer!!!!

I need prayer for tobacco addiction and just to grow in my walk with Jesus Christ. I just need alot of prayer. God bless you all. FH

Hello from California…. Praise the name of Jesus Christ!!

Hello Brothers and sisters!!

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