Why don’t I feel God like everyone else?

I know that this may seem like a foolish question; however, I am very serious. I was raised pentecostal by a mother who kept me and my two sisters in church twice on Sunday, prayer service on Wednesday nights and Friday night service. I feel that as long as I have been in church I should be farther than I am, yet I sit in church during praise and worship when everyone else is lifting their hands, crying, some speaking in tongues to themselves, some are bowed over literally trembling all over screaming hallelujah, some run, some jump and then theres me.

Question about a unbelieving spouse

Hi everyone, First I would like to introduce myself. My name is Clarinda and I am a disabled mother of 6 who just recently got married 2 mths ago. My husband and I are both saved; however, he was raised in an old school baptist church and as a result he has some beliefs that he will not be swayed on such as “once saved always saved”. He believes that although we choose christianity that we cannot say that other religions are wrong such as buddism, islam, etc… and he does not believe that every professed believer has the ability to cast out demons, heal the sick and so on.

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