I am nothing without God…

Hello All,

I am writing my testimonial to demonstrate my journey back to God.

I, and many others, grew up in a dysfunctional home: my mother left and my father’s priorities were not in place, meaning that he left me alone, with no protection. Being that I had no protection growing up, it left a window of opportunity for abuse from certain family members. A number of my family members were jealous of my father and tried to hurt me to get to him. They lied to me and turned me away from family members that truly cared about me. My destruction was their way of getting to him.


Hello All,

I, and many others, would like to read and know what you experienced during your fast and prayers. I attended CCD and when to catholic school my whole life and have not heard anything about fasting and prayer (perhaps I chose not to listen).

The first time I read about Christians actually fasting was from this site, and I thought i was a bit radical, but it seemed so right strangly.

Hello All :->

My name is Christina, and I am so excited that a forum was reintroduced to this wonderful website.

The reasons why I came upon this site were to help myself reintroduce Jesus Christ into my life, grasp a better understanding of the bible and interact with the Christian communtiy through the forums.

Michael, thank you for creating an such an inspirational well thoughtout site.

I am so looking forward to reading the trends and posts.

Good Bless All !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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