Anyone knows how to interpret dreams?

Anyone knows how to interpret dreams OR any website I can go through? I do not want to end up with some gypsy sites and if this dream means anything, I would like to understand it the biblical way.

I had a dream just now and it is still fresh on my mind. The part that I recall was someone was holding a snake, a girl to be specific. It was a 4 headed snakes with 2 heads from both end. I told the girl I do not like snakes and would like to stay away. So I walked off.

Dealing with the dark side

As I was browsing the internet, I found this site. Not sure why I ended up here but I always believe everything happens for a reason and there is always a lesson to learn in each season. Perhaps by sharing my testimony here would glorify our beloved God and strengthen some of your faith. It would probably end up as a lengthy one, so please bear with me. My testimony would probably cover quite a fair bit of topics that most of you have posted in the “deliverance and spiritual warfare”. If I am too sleepy (2am now), then I would probably split it into sub-topics.

Whatever is of evil, God turns it into good …

This may sound silly but as I was driving just now, I was thinking would it be possible for the fallen angels to turn their hearts and souls towards God. Would God give them another chance and forgive them?

From the bible, it says the devil are the followers of Lucifer and they are the fallen angels. I do not know what have they done that they fell so badly. I assume, they too were once God’s creation since God made the world and everything else.

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