Please pray for my family

I humbly ask that those of you reading to pray for the fate of my family. My wife and I are going through bad times as a couple and I am broken. I ask that you pray for the restoration of my marriage and the general welfare of my 2 children. I ask that your pray for my wife who seems distant from the Lord and to help her find him and his love, his mercy and restore our marriage in his name.

gracious thanks

hello to all

Hello my name is Brian. I’m fairly new here and haven’t posted yet. I was raised a Southern Baptist and was saved in my childhood. A couple of months ago the Lord sent me a message. After 40 years and attempting to find out how “life starts at 40”, God sent me a warning, and my sins were revealed one after another almost daily and even hourly some days. I have spent days and hours falling to my knees praying for forgiveness and direction. I was so upset I could barely function. I kept praying and seeking him. I surrounded myself with God and Christianity.

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