LORD, I love You.

Steal me away to Your secret place.

Renew me with Your Spirit.

I crave to be in Your loving arms.

I desire You above all.

I have peace and joy with You.

And, my heart overflows with Your praises.


Your Words sinks deep in my heart.

Where else will I go;

Everything that I need is You.

Your Presence I seek desperately.

My eyes are fixed on You.

I shake off my burdens and come to You.

I lay down my instinct to find You.

Urgent Prayer Request.

The below message is from the mail I received today and I request prayer for those people mentioned. Please pray for them and also for all the believers who are persecuted.

My Testimony – Part VIII

I don’t have the right words to express my spiritual state in wilderness between November 2006 to June 2008 but in the Words of God I found Psalms that matches so well with me and they are Psalms 6, Psalms 13, Psalms 25, Psalms 26, Psalms 38, Psalms 39, Psalms 42, Psalms 51, Psalms 57, Psalms 63, Psalms 69, Psalms 71, Psalms 77, Psalms 86, Psalms 88, Psa

My Testimony – Part VII

Even if I will forget myself and this world I cannot forget my LORD. He and His love are as real to me as the blood that flows in my veins and the air that I breathe. When my mother was asking me to take vows to forget the LORD of my life this was what I thought. If I live – it will be for Him and if I die – I will be with Him. No power on heaven and earth can separate me with Whom I was and is deeply in love.

My Testimony – Part VI

God makes a way for us when we have a burning desire to know Him. It is rightly said that those who seek the LORD will indeed find Him and those who are thirsty the LORD will quench their thirst with Living Water.

My Testimony – Part V

When I was 9 years old and got admission in a Catholic School in 5th Standard, we had a subject called Moral Science. I never read a book like that before and it got me captivated so I finished reading without having food in approx. five hours.

My Testimony – Part IV

In obeying the LORD to write my whole testimony of life and to put it on website is the biggest decision on my part. It’s not that I have never shared my testimony with others or on the internet but the difference is that earlier I have shared only the outline and few things that happened after I was saved.

My Testimony – Part III

In this note, I want to share about my family relations because I believe our family and the environment we have in childhood impacts our whole life. My family is a devout Hindu family.

My Testimony – Part II

In this second part of my testimony, I’ll share about my fear and insecurities. But before that I want to confess some of my weakness that I had before the LORD delivered me from it.


My Testimony – Part I

Since sometime the LORD had put in my heart to share my testimony with people so that whatever the LORD had done in my life will also encourage others. It is said that a testimony is often more powerful than sermons. Here, as the LORD leads and gives me word to correctly express myself I decide to start writing my testimony as notes. And, may this bring Glory to God as I bring before you all the joy and sorrow, strength and weakness, freedom and fear and all the wonderful things that have happened in my life of 23 years.

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