Our Dear Brother Mathew is in need of Heeling from a serious surgery and his spirit is in desperate need of quickening! I ask for all the fasting and prayer that may be given for him! Love your sis in Christ Jesus, Annette!

Shanta /Childofjesus

I am rather ashamed of myself on this one, I know how shy Shanta is about bringing up this kind of subjuct, but, the Good lord isnt, he mentioned many times about making all the females baren then later on opening their wombs and they became fertile again.

John Taylor from California, living in SLC, Utah

John is a very nice man that I have met resently, he is really looking for the right someone in his life. He is full of un, Laughter and very Zealous, I found this very attractive, but also very hard, because you see, i was raised LDS And by the GRACE of GOD i was delivered from it. John believes he has seen jesus in person, and that jesus told him to read the Book of morman, the Docterine and Covenants, and the pearl of great price.

Annette Jo Marshall Muth

for many years now, I have explained all the illnesses I have been haunted by an expierience that happend when I was a kid. Many who have read my testimony, know that we opend a door and invited in a demon when we did a seance’ and also, ever since we moved back to utah from California, I have bean plagued with several several strang illnesses and instances, where things fell on my head! I fell out of the car at around 4-5.

Archie Anderson from, Spring Glen, Utah

I am just asking for as many who are able to pray for Archie to be comepletely healed from lung cancer, and to learn of the true nature of our Lord and Savior and that through this experience his whole family comes to know Jesus and are completely delivered! I also believe theire maybe some form of tumor in his lungs also. Sorry, I thought I had mentioned it. ! Love Annette

sometimes I fall down, and oh thank you Jesus! you lift me up!

I have a story to tell today, one that I am very sad to tell and am not very proud of myself for. My sister and I have been having difficulty getting along of late, and I must confess of late, it is because I refuse to be abused by her verbally anylonger. This is not what I confess, the fact that I let my pride take hold and turned her words back onto her, that, is what I do confess, for no matter what she has said or done, no one deserves abuse, not even her. And oh Jesus, he really would not like that about what i did to her. I really need to make limits.

To all the Fathers!

Yesterday was Fathers Day! And I just wanted to take a momment and give a great big Thank you to all of you dads who get up each day and go to work. come home and play with your kids, and still take the time to teach them how to Love and live and be a good neighbor to their fellow man. Men who show their daughters a good example of what to look for in a spouce and who teach their sons how to be honorable men of God. Also I wanted to give our father in Heaven a Huge thank You for without him nothing is worth anything.

my youngest daughter is having problems, school and therapists think she is schizophrenic

When I was Young did see demons, and I also heard things, and at times I have seen things when in deep prayer. I do not believe that my daughter is schizophrenic. For the things she explains are the same things I had as a child. I never told my parents till I was older. but my sister saw things to. I was constantly awoke by nightmares and my daughter has the same problem. but hers has gone a stage worse than mine did. she wakes up in the nite feeling like something is tearing her flesh and forcing her to have sex with it. she wakes up feeling dirty.

We are in need of intercession for My family and I have been in spiritual warfare

I just had news today that I am reducing from my daughters therapist. she said my daughter says that she has seen daemons and hears them. She has been very confused in her thinking. she said that my daughter is very Christian. I am not quite sure with that. yet I know she is going through some form of oppression from the enemy and I have prayed for her before birth. I am asking for all the prayers You can offer for this young Girl has been going through serious bodily change in 1year and now she has been waking up saying something is scratching her and making her have sex with it.

communion, or sacrament or drinking the blood of Christ and eating his Body?

This is more of a curiosity. Than an observation. With all of the discussion about this preaching of a man called “Joseph. Prince”, I was wondering does anyone even compare themselves to Christ Jesus before they take of it. if each day we checked ourselves and asked if we are on Christ side, we would be much better off. I have found myself at odds with the lord more than I care to admit. But it is better to admit the error and run to him than to keep struggling. On my own without him. Also. i may sound harsh on the man Jp, but I do not know him.

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