Healed from speech impediment

God can solve any situation. Nothing is too hard for Him. I have to thank Him for what He has done in my life 🙂

I would definitely appreciate your prayers


My name’s Andrew… about a year ago I asked for prayer because I was being harassed by demons… now I’m not sure whether they’re still here or not…

Please pray for me

Hi! My name is Andrew, and if you read my other blog post, you know that I’m under demonic oppression. Due to this demonic oppression, I keep having dark, involuntary thoughts which go against God’s will and even my own, and also I fight confusion, depression, unbelief/doubt, and sometimes even anger and a hardened heart. I also live in a sinful environment, and that combined with the demonic oppression tempts me.

Hi, I’m new

Dear brothers and sisters,

My name is Andrew. I am new here. I’m asking for prayer too, since I’ve been demon oppressesed. I was delivered once (testimony on the site) but demons try to go back, like it says in Matthew. Please pray for me that I’ll be delivered completely from demons and that God shows me His love, and that He doesn’t let me and my loved ones be harmed. Thank you.


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