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Here are the older audios I had uploaded to this site. As time and money permit, I’ll add a lot more.

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Gordon Gibbs | Tim Hall |
John Iuliano
| Tommy Tenney |

Audio Preaching from Pastor Gordon
Gibbs (Penrith, N.S.W.)

Pastor Gordon Gibbs has been described as an evangelist with a pastor’s heart. He exercises a unique, powerful and
sensitive healing ministry which has been instrumental in Gordon appearing on numerous television programmes, both in
Australia and overseas, including 60 minutes.

Gordon has conducted evangelistic healing rallies in many countries where God
has healed the blind, the deaf, the crippled and the suffering, in response
to faith and prayer.

The Assemblies of God recently did a feature on Gordon’s life and ministry
– it is reproduced with permission here.

(I’m sure you will enjoy these messages, put here on this site with Ps. Gordon’s permission. These messages contain
powerful principles and wonderful faith building testimonies and Scriptural quotations. The perspective here is very fresh and
I believe you will learn something good!)

The Ways of God in Healings and Miracles (1.79MB)- explains some of the principles behind the ways God works
both sovereignly and in response to faith, with regard to healings and miracles.

Faith (1.79MB) – powerful encouraging words to stimulate to real faith.

Expectancy (1.52MB) – God wants us to be expecting great things, to be full of anticipation. This tape will encourage and

The Ministry of Jesus – (1.84MB) – teaching on how Jesus ministered to the spirit, soul and body of man, and how this
ministry can operate today through the church.

Steps to Divine Healing – (1.77MB) – Gordon teaches on key ingredients of healing and salvation.

The above messages are Copyright (C) 1998 Gordon Gibbs and Light of Life Ministries. You may download for personal use only.

Evangelist Tim Hall (Adelaide, South

Tim is an Australian evangelist who has preached the gospel to multitudes in
Pakistan, Australia and around the world, with awesome signs and wonders following.
He has also planted several churches in Australia, and demonstrates an amazing
capacity to hear the voice of God by the gifts of the Spirit. To find out more
about Tim Hall’s outstanding ministry, visit his website at

Who Has Believed? To the one who believes the report of God, the arm of the Lord will be revealed. Dynamic preaching
of the gospel from Isaiah 53 by Tim Hall. 1.67 MB

Good News – Tim preaches on the Good News that will be preached with demonstration before the Christ returns. 1.7 MB

The Power of Pentecost – What is a Pentecostal? What is Pentecost all about? Tim Hall answers these questions on this
45 minute real audio format message. Click on the link to download and then play in your real audio player. 2.18 MB

The Power of Giving – Excellent faith building message on the subject of giving and God’s financial blessing. 2.26 MB

The Heavens are Open – Part two of Tim’s tape series on giving. 2.28MB

(These messages are Copyright (c) Tim Hall – used by permission.
All rights reserved. Download for personal use only)

Tommy Tenney – The GodChasers

Seeking God’s Agenda – The Road to Revival

The Holiness of the Ark of God

The Bread of His Presence

These messages are Copright (c) 1999 – download
for personal use only. Here by permission.

Harold Caballeros

Harold Caballeros is a recognised apostolic leader in the church in Guatemala,
where it is estimated that in the last 10 years 40-50% of the population has
become born again Christians. Harold has had personal visitations from the Lord
who gave him keys to revival and reformation.

Taking a Nation for God – Harold
talks about spiritual mapping, spiritual warfare, evangelism, discipleship and
Christian education as keys to taking a nation. (1.16MB)

Pastor John Iuliano

13th February, 2000

13th August, 2000

19th November, 2000

19th March, 2000

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