Atheist says hello – no flaming please

Hello folks.

I am an atheist. I’ve joined here simply to try to learn a little more about christians, what you think, why you think it and how you think it.

I am not here to flame or abuse you, and I hope you will find the same. I AM here to ask you questions. I think this is the case for many, however my questions are not intended to consolidate or nurture my faith – I have none, my questions will be specific, quizzing specific parts or events of the bible, and what they mean for you.

ipso facto, you are of course, free to ask me any questions you wish too.

Most of all, my questions will probably be focused from a perspective often referred to as a “naturalist” view – i.e. one that attempts to assess the case without invoking a deity. My tools are statistics, logic and reason.. and of course, my own, admittedly very flawed, and very incomplete understanding of the world.

The only favour I would ask is that, as long as you consider my question to be polite, you give my them fair consideration. As an extension, if you do not consider my question to be polite, then it’s possible I’ve inadvertantly said something I didn’t mean, or the tone of my text has not been conveyed accurately – so PLEASE TELL ME.

Oh, and a little request – you are free to pray for me if you wish, but I’d rather not hear about it, and indeed, I consider it quite insulting, since it indicates you don’t respect my freely-made choices. You might consider them wrong, but that’s actually irrelevant. They are mine. I made them, and I used my mind (perhaps given to me by god) to make them.

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