Atheism – Dark Philosophy

Atheism: Dark Philosophy
by Paul Ross

Don’t you believe the atheists for one single second, this has never been about superior insights and intellect, but has always been about the father of lies expressing himself through the captives that he has secured. Atheists are nothing more than the channels of an ancient deceiver, who hates God and is bent on damning the image of God in man. Atheism is neither neutral nor indifferent but demonically energized and committed to spewing it’s vitriol and vomit against the Most High, and against His Son who is destined to rule the nations with a rod of iron. The atheist will claim that he/she has arrived at his/her position of atheism via reason but there is nothing neither reasonable nor rational about his/her unrelenting and ongoing war against a Creator that he/she claims does not exist; and it’s here that all atheists expose the true source of their underlying rejection of God.

From my experience of the demonic atheism is a dark philosophy that directly attacks the rule of God and calls Him a liar. I’m going to make myself perfectly clear; atheism is not just another wickedness like murder, adultery, idolatry or theft; atheism is far more sinister for it’s the deepest and most darkest primal form of wickedness that not only seeks to challenge the direct rule of God and call God a liar, but also seeks to promote the insidious pride and doubt that provides the pestilential soil from which every other wickedness springs from.

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