In this article I will focus on my first visitation of Jesus, but there are three major visitations that have strongly marked my life. I did not feel until now that I could share these experiences except with a few people, but now it’s the time to share them publicly. There is a time and […]


I am not writing as an expert on the matter. I am writing as one who is learning through the process. But what I am learning is precious and I smell victory is in sight as I get these heart level revelations revealed to me. First of all, I want to encourage you, if you […]

Closer than you Know

    „ the heaven and the highest heaven can Not contain you…Where shall I go from your Spirit? Or where shall I flee from your presence?…(1kings      8:27, Ps139:7) He is all around us, He surrounds us, He is closer than we know. The spiritual world it’s far more powerful and more real, […]

‘In wide eyed wonder’ – and teaching about hunger for God and wonder

This is a song about renewing your love for the Lord, rekindling hunger for God and coming to God with an attitude of expectation that you won’t leave empty handed when you spend time with Him. I have received it from God last week and it’s about the attitude that I like to take when […]

How to react and what to do when God speaks to you

As I read the Bible today,  from Luke 22 about Jesus’ prayers in Gethsemane, some things gripped my heart. It is the familiar feeling of God sharing His heart with me, not just the pretty and joyful parts, but things that sadden Him. He called us friends, and friends don’t just share joys and successes, […]

The Offices of Jesus Christ

We see from the Scriptures that Jesus Christ, whom we know as the Son of God, has some vitally important roles and offices in the whole scheme of things. Once these things are appreciated, it is hard to overstate the centrality and the importance that Jesus holds in everything.

Jesus is Lord

Jesus is Savior

Jesus is Wonderful Counselor

Jesus is High Priest

Jesus is Apostle

Jesus is our Righteousness

Jesus is the Good Shepherd

Jesus is the Bread of Life

Jesus is the Lamb of God

Who is Jesus Christ – by Lucy Parker

Jesus is the most amazing perfect person who ever walked this earth. He did so because of compassion and humility around 2000 years ago. He only lived for 33 years here but made the greatest impact of any man who ever lived. He was born from above even from birth as he is the only one born by the Spirit of God hovering over a virgin chosen even perhaps before the prophet Isaiah's time. For before the foundation of the earth and the creation all Gods works were finished and seen known and understood by him.

Reply to A False Teacher who thinks that Jesus is not Divine, nor Eternal


Who is Jesus Christ ?

I have a request to all the people of God on this site, to write an article on the topic “Who is Jesus Christ ” ? in 800 + words. There were at least 22 million people who made a search on this topic last year. I believe your article will make a difference in the lives of millions of people who want to know about Jesus on internet, may be in the initial stage they don’t want to read Bible or attend christian crusades & want to make a self search through google.

the Trinity the way that I understand it!

To me most of the Trinity of God is pretty well wrapped up in one Word,”Emmanuel” which means God with US. I have found many verses that explain the trinity to me and I just wanted to start from the Beginning “Genesis 1:1-3. 1 In the beginning God (Body) created the Heaven and the earth. 2 And the earth was without Form, and Void; and darknes was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God (spirit) moved upon the face of the waters. 3 And God Said (Jesus the soul ) let there be light: and there was Light. All 3 parts of God wor working together to make the Heavens & the Earth.

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