The Wicked Lost Do Not Understand the End Times

The Wicked Lost Do Not Understand the End Times In a previous post ( the Paris terrorist attacks), I shared something the Holy Spirit revealed to me about why the Paris attacks were possible, and that many of the victims did not realize the true spiritual nature of those attacks and therefore did not understand […]

Where in God’s Word is the Authority of Every Christian over Satan and Demons?


Rousseau’s Ideas on Religion and Education and their influence

Jean-Jacque Rousseau (1712 – 1778) was a French speaking Genevan philosopher who has influenced so much of the thinking of western culture that I want to digress a little from the normal kind of article I write here to explore just a few of his ideas.

Answer to a young person

I thought it good to answer on this website to some good questions that someone recently wrote:

I am a young person, who is currently confused. I have not been brought up in a particularly religious household so I do not have a certain religion that I follow, so to speak. I have friends from a variety of religious backgrounds who are all telling me about their own religion. My grandparents are Christians but parents are Pagan.

I was wondering what was it that made you certain there is, as you say an ‘Almighty God’.

Many Ways to God or Many Errors in the Name of Religion?

The world’s religions have different ideas of divinity, different answers to the what, why and hows of human existence and salvation, and exhort people to believe different things. It has been popular amongst some to claim that there are many ways to God. But even that statement has no meaning if we don’t know what we mean by “God”.

The world’s religions and mystical philosophies constantly contradict one another on every important point. For example:

  • Eastern religions teach that “everything” is God and through meditation we can come to realise our inherent divinity.
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