International Online Christian Women Prayer Group!

Hi beautiful ladies of God, Imagine praying and having fellowship with ladies from around the world from your home! That’s exactly what this new prayer group is all about! Marilena Fackerell is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting, for the online prayer group ‘international Christian Women Prayer Group’ re-launch! MEETING DETAILS: Date: Every Thursday, […]

Use the Bible in Your Prayer Life

For believers: Here is a simple way to enhance your reading of the Bible, and turbo-charge your prayer life. When you read the Bible, read it slowly, and talk to the Lord about what you are reading. Have a conversation about it. When you read a promise, like, for example: “My God shall supply all […]

Getting Answers from God in the Courtroom of Heaven

As Christians, apprentices of Jesus Christ, we are living our life not only in the natural realm, but also very much in the spiritual realm. There is always a lot for us to learn in both these realms. But in the spiritual realm, we are called to pray – really pray. Prayer is communication with God. […]

Do you take this promise of Jesus seriously?

This morning, while reading the Bible, God challenged me through this verse: ‘And whatever you ask in My name, that I WILL do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask ANYTHING in My name, I WILL do it’ (John 14:13,14). God really challenged me with these questions: Mari, do you […]

Is it even Biblical to Pray for a Person’s Salvation?

I would like to start a new thread based on this article. The original can be found at:
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Is it even Biblical to Pray for a Person’s Salvation?

It is not uncommon for a Christian to ask other Christians to pray for the salvation of someone they are concerned about. Although this concern for the person’s eternal destiny is commendable, is it Biblical; will God answer these prayers?

Promises of Answered Prayer

There could be many things God wants us to have that we do not have. Do not assume that you have everything you need to do the job God wants you to do. You might have to ask for something that you still need.

Our Troubles Motivate Us to Pray

In God's work, you will often have troubles. If you are actively seeking to take territory from Satan, you will experience opposition. This opposition manifests in different forms. It could come as harrassment from government authorities, as financial challenges, as relational difficulties. It could come through sickness – which can be a form of satanic attack. It can come through people sinning against you. 

Ministry Options available at a Mission!

Dear all,

As we have enjoyed the ministry’s with the help of “THIRSTMISSIONS” hence, I would like to share you here:

Ministry Options available at or

Each group can choose 4-8 of the following ministries:

Children’s Ministry: Vacation Bible School or kids club

Service Projects: Construction, repair work, painting, clean-up work

Church Ministry: Attend, participate, or lead church and/or Sunday school

Why I really enjoyed the trip in “”?

Why Thirst Missions I have been enjoyed and should I share you?

Mainly thirstmissions having prayer ministries beauties & Incredible recreation opportunities also Belizean personnel top and shall help you through the entire trip, which supplies for much more culturally wealthy and efficient mission trip In order to minister via a quests partnership having a nearby church as well as a community within Belize Inexpensive. Through $79/person/day.

Why We Pray

Prayer is such an important part in our lives as Christians. First of all, we must recognize prayer as a privilege as well as an honour. Every moment of prayer is an investment in eternity and true prayer is a romance of righteousness. Our fellowship is with the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. Through prayer we participate in the communion of the God-kind; it’s a throne-room caucus rendezvous: Jesus made it so! Oh, that the eyes of our understanding may be enlightened to see this awesome truth and that we may walk in the light of it!

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