The Wicked Lost Do Not Understand the End Times

The Wicked Lost Do Not Understand the End Times In a previous post ( the Paris terrorist attacks), I shared something the Holy Spirit revealed to me about why the Paris attacks were possible, and that many of the victims did not realize the true spiritual nature of those attacks and therefore did not understand […]

Getting Ready for the End

Getting Ready for the End How you view death–and life, for that matter–is going to become more and more important as we quickly progress into these last days. For we have been told by our Lord in many ways that the last days will bring to their climax both good and evil (Rev. 22:11) and […]

Can Man Do Better Than God?

Can Man Do Better Than God? The world is obsessed with this question. Not that it necessarily even thinks that there is a God at all, but if there is, it thinks, surely man can do a better job of things than God has done. That is the attitude behind much of what is seen […]

Are you valiant for the truth?

Today I wept. I read something that troubled me. I wept from the bottom of my heart, the way a woman cries when she is betrayed by an unfaithful husband. I thank God that I never experienced this in real life, I’ll be eternally grateful to Michael for his faithfulness to me. I was not […]

Is Selena Gomez a Christian?

It has been reported widely over the net that Selena Gomez, former girlfriend of Justin Bieber, has denied that she is a Christian. She talked about this immoral movie she was involved in, in which the director when meeting her apparently covered up or removed some of the pronography on his wall. Here is what […]

Is Justin Bieber a Christian?

Is Justin Bieber a Christian? Does it matter? Well I think it matters to a lot of young  girls out there who live in Christian families. And others too. They like Justin, they think he is cute and they like his music. So how cool would it be to know that Justin is a Christian? […]

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