Revival Breaking out in Iran

So many of the beautiful Iranian people are turning to Christ today. Many are seeing visions of Jesus and becoming true Christians.

Many people are dissatisfied with Islam, which has been rammed down their throats and enforced by law.

May God bless His precious people in Iran.

Randeep Matthews – Apostolic Church Planter in India gives Miraculous Testimony

Randeep Matthews tells the story of how God QUICKLY God put him into ministry in North India. An amazing story of the power of God.



This is a short summary of the testimony by Victoria Nehale

I have been humbled

My pastor said in his sermon last Sunday, “If you think you’re doing OK, take some time to evaluate…you probably aren’t.” This is the absolute truth. Last year my wife thought we were doing just fine. We thought we were “good” people. Productive members of society. We thought we were entitled to certain things. Truth is, we weren’t so good. We were leading lives that couldn’t be pleasing to God at all. Not only were we not the people we thought we were, we were, and are, completely undeserving of God’s grace and redemption found through Christ…but we were offered that gift anyway.

Delivered From The Power Of Darkness

Delivered from the Powers of Darkness
by Emmanuel ENI

Chapter 1: My Escape to “New Life”
“Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22: 6).
This is a story of God’s works – mighty, wonderful and mysterious – in obedience to the command of JESUS CHRIST to me saying: “Go and testify what I have done for you.”

Kenneth Suprenant

I was born in Paris, France. My parents divorced when I was a young age. I grew up looking for answers and comfort in all the wrong places…the world. Junior high is when I started rebelling and getting in trouble, suspension after suspension…and after school detention after detention. I then got into the crowd that leads to destruction, and in doing so my life had been engulfed with chaos and storms.

My Personal Story

Hey, i am Hannah and i just want to say somethings about me. I love going to church, i look forward to it every week. I used to believe God left me..I used to believe i could never be good. I went to church camp this past summer and i think it changed my life. I now believe in God again, and know he is always there. I do everything for God now, i have a positive attitude and always try to look for the bright side in things. I try to get my friends to believe but they still dont. I will never change back and i love who i am now! I used to cut myself, i thought pain was the only way out…


I remember feeling the presence of God for the first time when I was just six years old. It was an incredible feeling of love and peace, but I want to save that story for later because it correlates to something that happened to me recently in my life. It’s important for me to mention this now because that moment ties into my entire testimony.


Back when I was six-years-old, my brother and I were walking on a Frozen lake thinking that we were in a park when the ice gave way. I fell in and my brother grabbed me, and then he fell in, too. While I was saved by him, no one was able to save him. At my brother’s funeral, the priest said that the good Lord needed him, so he took him. Well, I didn’t know how to deal with so much pain, and after two weeks, I couldn’t handle my brother being gone, so I decided to go where he was and that means death.

jesus came to me in person


I am a 50-year-old man, I drive a semi truck for a living, I am also buying a home in
Oroville california, and I have 3 kids and my wife, in all just a regular family.
On jan-2nd 2005, I Terry Dean witness this, it was 3 o’clock in the morning.
I was on 1-5 driving south in the semi truck, I was 10 miles south of lathrope CA.
I heard a great wind, then he appeared looking like a 2ft X 5ft tornado in the cab
Of the semi truck, when the spinning wind stopped it became and was the form and
Shape of a man.

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