We are living in an unclean age, an age where morality is taboo. Were Christian standards are mocked. Impurity of the marriage covenant vows are made the object of the pun and of the joke. Even young Christian women are trying to model themselves on the standards of Paris catwalks and by the fashions of an evil and adulterous age. This is an evil age beloved people of God. Let’s face up to it. Let me preach a little… “You cannot have your uncleanness and have Jesus Christ. You cannot have or hid your sin and go to heaven. In this permissive society, you can launch your boat on the sea of sin but one day you will be a shipwreck in eternal hell forevermore. No sin will take you quicker to hell than uncleanness, impurity, adultery, fornication, perversion sex and the sin of immorality.”

Be clean – be holy for your God, AMEN!!!

(c) Copyright ‘The Pen Of A Ready Writer’ – Evangelist Daniele Luciano Moskal

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