An Easter Truth

Greetings in the Lord my good friends,

I hope I’m writing this in the correct place.

I wanted to share a truth about Jesus and the many times he shed his blood for the world. Its no mystery that Jesus shed his blood seven times before his burial and resurrection. I wanted to share these accounts with you.

1. The first time Jesus shed his blood was at the garden of Gethsemane when he told the Disciples to wait where they were as he went alone to pray. Luke 22:44.

2. Jesus had his beard pulled out which had to be painful and bloody. Isaiah 50:6.

3. The third shedding of blood by Jesus was “The crown of thorns” placed upon his head. Matthew 27:29.

4. Jesus was mercilessly flogged 39 times with a cat-o-nine tails and one could only imagine the shed blood, pain, and torment he endured through this terrible event. John 19:1

5. and 6. The next shedding of blood came when the hands and feet of Jesus were pierced and nailed to the cross. Luke 24:36-44

7. The final shedding of blood came when the Roman soldier pierced the side of Jesus. John 19:34.

To think about what Jesus endured during his crucifixion for our transgressions has to make any soul weep. [Thank you Father in Heaven for sending your only begotten son to die on the Cross of Calvary for my sins. In Jesus’ Holy name I pray, Amen.] Thanks be to God for raising his son Jesus from the dead that we can have life and have it more abundantly. John 10:10. Jesus also gives a way to the throne of God. John 14:6. Jesus gave us the gift of the Holy Spirit before his ascension to Heaven where he still sits in the flesh by the right hand of the Father who is in Heaven. Acts chapter 1 and 2.

God bless everyone in his Holy name.

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