All That Glitters is Green?

The Lord has been getting my attention in a very unique way. He has been persistent, yet patient and I opened my heart to Him as He started this in the beginning of December 2010. I wasn’t yet a Christian when this all began. To be quite honest, I was misguided and my eyes shielded from the truth.

I was searching for answers, as I had hit rock bottom and attempted to end my life merely weeks before. What did I know then? I believed there was God, but didn’t believe in Him. I being completely oblivious, was following new age practices. I had my collection of metaphysical crystals, sage, incense, books, talismans, and meditation aids. Trying to stay afloat, I found it hard to keep my head above water. I spent all of the little money I had at the faery store which sold many metaphysical items.

One day, I was sitting in my bedroom and noticed something small shining on my headboard. Upon closer inspection I seen a speck of glitter. I shrugged it off, until more started appearing all over my walls, furniture and my bed sheets. Perplexed and amazed, I began looking out for more of this glitter. I assumed it must have been faeries! It began appearing everywhere I went. In various rooms of the house and at my friend’s place. Little specks here and there in various colours, even though they were very tiny, they were extremely shiny!

This ultimate transformation was about to take place and I didn’t know it yet. The Lord most certainly knew. He had plans for me and He didn’t give up. I went to look up some videos on how to meditate, raise my vibration, clear my crystals and other various new age practices. Then I found a video which showed me all the Glory of Heaven. Yet it wasn’t primarily the beauty that captured my heart, it was Him. When Jesus appeared about 3 minutes into the video, I began to cry uncontrollably. I didn’t know what was wrong with me! A seed was planted, and it began to grow in a fertile heart. I made the best decision in my entire life, to invite Jesus into it.

I rid myself of all items, clothing and books that no longer pertained to my new life. I was more than happy to get rid of them. One thing that didn’t disappear was the glitter. In fact, it seemed to be more prevalent. It also began to appear in mainly one colour… green. As I took steps closer to the Lord, reading the bible daily, attending regular church services, having bible studies and prayer, and getting baptized, I was generously rewarded. I have shed all previous troubles, bitterness, sadness and worries. Plus, God gave me a cool bonus. 🙂

I have 3 Angel figurines on my curio cabinet. The one that stands in the middle is carrying a sign post which says “New Beginnings” I found several different times, after lining them all up evenly, this Angel eventually makes way to the front. A message to tell me, “New Beginnings” are here!

Not only did this happen after I gave myself to the Lord, but green glitter started appearing on the faces of this couple who I study with. I had a hard time keeping my laughter and excitement in when I first began to see this! When I told them about it, they always would wipe it off. I wanted them to see it and prove to them I wasn’t losing my mind! God has a great sense of humour! It was after a few visits when finally they seen it for themselves. Praise the Lord! He decided to let them in on the joke as well.

I told my friend about what was happening. Green glitter would always appear, but why green? He looked up the symbolism of green. This is what it says:
Green:  Praise, eternal life, vigor, prosperity, mercy, restoration, health, healing, new beginning, freshness, God’s holy seed, harvest, sowing and reaping, immortality, fresh oil, new life, joy in hope.   Rom 12:12Ps. 23:2;  Gen. 1:30;  Lk. 23:31;  Rev. 22:2;  Ps. 92:14. (

Jesus has showed me that He is with me, by my side. I am only a newly born Christian, however I have strong and secure faith. I know that God is real. Without a doubt, He is more real than anything I have ever experienced. I am grateful that the Lord has blessed me with such signs. And even if He did not, I would still know He is here because I feel His Great Presence. Thank you so much, Lord! God is wonderful!

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