Again I need my Christian brothers & sisters prayers & support

Thank you for everyone’s past prayers and support. Those of you who have responded to my request before know I have been struggling with getting my life back in order and preparing to admit my guilt in the crime I commited and accept my punishment. What ever the courts decide. I must admit yesterday was beyond hard! It was almost like satan won! I met again with my attorney and the police. My case has not yet gone to court and my plan is to plead quilty and forego an actual trial. The meeting was horrible and not at all what I expected and brought about more than I feel I can handle. I know my christian friends here and at home tell me god will always be there for me, but yesterday and this morning I almost feel like god forgot where there is! Not just the meeting went wrong, but when I got home I had received an email from the company I was doing independent contracting with. It appears at this time I have come to the end of the term that I was needed. I had already lost my major income, now I just lost what little I had coming in. This will be very hard for my husband and I to continue to make ends meet. We were just getting by and now……….

Just pray that God doesn’t leave me forever! I feel like this is just the beginning of the end. I don’t know where to go from here. Thank you all.


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