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William heard about Jesus in his childhood from his mother who went through a lot of difficulties and born again and saved. He was only 6 when he accepted Jesus as his savior and now is working for the glory of Jesus Christ. Here it is in his own words.

I have a testimony to share with the world out there and to encourage them to christ jesus.

I was born in family where life was very interesting. when mom was a small girl and before puberty she was raped . They arrested the rapist and took him to jail, after him being in jail, my mother realized she was preganant.

she dropped from school, junior school and started nursing the baby. They never married with the rapist. so she was a single mother .

later on she got a friend and they got a baby together and thats me, after which they never married again.

then got another friend and got another kid, thus 3rd born, and then got another man and became a friend and got another baby forth born.

Through the curse of rape was after my mother and she got born again while in college. she began to read the word of God and also practice what the word of God in her life.

she came to us and also preached the word of God to us and at tender age received it, thus accepted jesus christ as lord and savior of our lives.

then she spoke to us about this curse on her and the importance of us praying over this and practising the word of God in our life, this we have done.

mom stayed alone from late 70s to 1989, then got married to a pastor , now they are overseeing several churches , she has gone to a bible school and hold a diploma in theology and she also a professional teacher.

our lives before we got born again was miserable , full of pain, challenges and difficulty, no happiness and no joy at all. but after receiving jesus we have confidence and joy in jesus.

mom went to morris cerullo meetings and she was prayed for and the calling of God became so vident in her life. The calling of God is also very evident in all of us,now mom has 6 children with our step father . we love and treasure him.

after coming from such a background its possible to think or look at yourself as nothing. after getting born again at age 6yrs , the call of God became so real and manifested itself so big in my life. I started in part-time ministry , God started to use me heal broken hearted as i was, and also many with sickness,

After high school i joined full time ministry and the lord continued to use me in all ways as he chooses to. i hav gone to different countries in africa preaching the gospel of jesus christ .

as i minister i have seen 3 raised back from dead, they were declared dead by the doctors and God used me to resurrect them.

hundreds od blind and cliples see and walk, cancer healed , brain tumors dissaper, growths and fibroids dissaper, creation miracles take place, people receiving body parts which were not there. cancer healed.

also i have been having visitation by christ. many at times i have seen him face to face, many can give this testimony because they have seen him face to face in the revivals meetings i have done here in kenya and africa. many have had visitation to heaven and heaven is real.

recently i opened achurch here in eldoret and this things are happening and such a breakthrough revival has taken place here . you can come and bare witness of the above testimonies,

am also doing christian programmes in sayare radio here in kenya. its ahealing and miracle programme. awoman received amiracle of 32teeth in her mouth as she listened to the broadcast, she called us to tell us what the lord has done. she didnt have teeth in her whole mouth . this brought many peoples lives to jesus.

now this show God is able to pull someone out of the muddy clay and place him somewhere,this show you dont have to say you re this or that you can raise up, arise , isaiah 60:1 , then shine , for isaiah 61 says the spirit of the lord is upon me….,

today i have many fellowships/ churches under me and am very grateful to God for his goodness, be encouraged he can do this to you.

for referee of the above call

pastor Tanui +254 721 883818

pastor albert +254721275008

jane komen asistant director sayare mrtv, broadcasting

+254 722 248282.

if you would like to get intouch or schedule ameeting , am based in kenya africa, call +254 720 228712, or email : wilgetus . am leading aministry in name , lattergloryfellowship. haggai 2:9.

God bless you all

apostle william getumbe.

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