A word of Wisdom that God give to me as a leader.

The Holy Spirit said unto to me it is better for a man to preach and for everyone to walk away an consider the words of God, than for them to come to him (the preacher) an say what a blessed word you have preach and for no one to have consider the word of the lord. For they are more impressed with the voice of the man rather the words of God.

Is it not better that a man led another to the river than to bring a cup of water for the man to drink? For if such happens doesn’t the man who receive the water is limited to what is in the cup. And if he evens wants another drink he has to wait on the one who supplied him with cup of water.
Why be satisfied with a cup of water when there is a whole river of water out there for you to drink from.
Why take a cup of water for a man when you can lead him to the river?
Why not ask where the river is, instead of asking for a cup of water.
We as men love praise and we as men are lazy. It is time for us as Christians to stop wanting what is Gods praise and it is time for us to do what God requires of us a stop making excuses.

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