A Watchman/Prophetic Ministry worth Hearing

In my view, many of the big-name ministries of today’s pentecostal/charismatic world have now entered into deception. The love of money has corrupted them.

The sin of Balaam is to seek to prophesy and trade in spiritual things for FINANCIAL REWARD. If its not obvious to you that the majority of television preachers/prophets today on the major networks are doing just that, then I submit to you that you need to WAKE UP.

I have stumbled upon the website of a minister of the Word of God who is exhorting people to REPENT. It seems that his prophetic warnings are COMING TO PASS. This is something that the false prophets of today who think that deceiving people with false prophecies 40% of the time is acceptable cannot claim.

Take a look at The Watchman’s Cry website. I have read a few of the warnings and listened to a couple of the audios. I rarely find someone “prophetic” that I can really identify with, but in this case I believe I have. The well-known prophets of the charismatic world today are generally lukewarm people pleasers that are tapping into a spirit of divination when they are not guessing, and failing to operate in any true biblical discernment. They may be zealous for spirituality, but that is not the same thing as being true to Almighty God. Like Balaam they may be hearing from God at times also, but it doesn’t mean they please God. Too many of the so-called prophets are more concerned about pleasing the pastors of the mega-churches so that they can get invitations to preach again and then sell more books, CDs and DVDs, than they are about telling the truth about God’s righteousness and judgment.

At the above website you will find some warnings about the dangerous anti-scriptural Pre-Tribulational Rapture doctrine that is preparing the church to backslide now and in the days ahead. You will also hear about the impending JUDGEMENTS ON THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA which are even now being released upon that country.

The message of judgement doesn’t really sell well to the professing church. Its good when someone will love you enough to TELL YOU THE TRUTH. Not that everyone proclaiming judgment is a true prophet of God. But the people who are saying that God is cool with things in America are definitely DECEIVED. Folks, sometimes even the secular pundits are more in tune with the true direction that events are moving in than the “prophets of God” who tickle people’s ears with new-agey motivational teachings about their possibilities, giftings, potential, destiny and so on. I have seen it again and again.

This is a time when we need to seek HUMILITY, REPENTANCE and LOWLINESS if we are to survive spiritually and avoid the deceptions that are coming on the earth and into the church.

I encourage you to hear what this brother says on his website, and take it to the Lord. No vessel is perfect but see if you can hear the heart of the God of the Bible in what is shared.

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