A unique way to reach the lost for Jesus

Hi i wanted to share a site with you
its filled with tracts ” not the one page type tracts that people usually dont read

this man is Jack Chick
a cartoonist
he creates these flip type cartoon books about Salvation
in all kinds of areas too
drugs, alcohol, lonliness, false religions and even the end times

they are great for giving a friend or just leaving them in a bathroom in a public place or the library too

they are great for people that have a hard time telling others about Jesus
and not being offended .

im not really good at scriptures but Jack has wonderful illustrations
with the scriptures
and you can click on the cartoon on the site and read the tract !
and send it on facebook if you like to a friend

if you send 3 a day for a year
thats 1000 people you reach for Jesus 😉

I just wanted to share it with you
God bless you
and keep you in HIS care

Debra the site is www.chick.com

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