A renewed love

    I’ve always believed in Christ, I was raised in a religous home but life itself wasn’t always so sweet. I drifted in and out of churches as a youngster, I always knew that Christ is real. But growing up as a teen I fell into bad habits, but not as bad as those around me. I always felt like I was on the border line, but something kept me from becoming wreck-less and lost. I could never figure it out but deep down inside of me I always had this feeling; when I did something wrong or was confused I’d always find my way back. Something always pushed me through hard times, when I was afraid or alone I’d get myself through.

But I always felt as though something was missing in my life, like I wasn’t whole. 


At 19 I had my first major bout in the state championship boxing tournament. I still remember pacing at the venue, scared to death  that I something would go wrong, I’d get hurt, or I would mess up. Just anxiety and fear..my whole family was there and I wanted to make them proud. About one fight out from mine, I went into the locker room to be alone, but my father whom always had faith in Jesus Christ, and my brother followed me in. There was also this other guy from the Air force named Zach, he was from the same gym as me but I hadn’t known him that well. Anyways, I was a nervous wreck and my brother had started giving me words of encouragement and without much thought we asked our father for a prayer, the three of us circled up and joined arms in the little locker space.

Words cannot describe the trance I was put into, while the words were being said, we asked for strength, courage and the Lord’s blessings. My fear had subsided and I had a focus that I had never known before. I gripped my brother and father tight, I couldn’t hold back hot tears because of the feeling I had in every fiber of my existance. I than felt another hand on mine, it was Zach, the Airman who was in the other room. He had joined us for our prayer, what a beautiful feeling I had.

Something that united us, someone we hadn’t known-united through the faith of Jesus Christ.

After many more words of encouragement, it was time for battle.

They lead me out to the ringside, meanwhile I was in a trance of focus, I felt great like I could go 12 rounds. I stepped into the ring infront of everyone-not a wince of fear in my body-to look across the ring at my opponent. The bell sounded and it was time to goto work, I dodged all of his jabs and rights smoothly, I couldn’t be touched. After a brief exchange between the two of us, he landed a hard right on my chin but I didn’t feel it, I landed a left hook on him that sent him flying to the canvas. He didn’t get back up. I had taken my title in less than a minute, the biggest victory of my life up to that point.

For me this was a victory not because I had won a state title, but because it had opened my eyes to the glory of our Lord, ask and you shall receive. This wasn’t a victory because I won a bout, but a victory for me because I have been enlightened and shown the love of our savior in such a way that some may miss. This day has changed my life and now when I’m confused, lost or just thankful I say a prayer, I thank him for everything that he has put me through and everything that he has rewarded me with. For making me the man that I am today. I know his love exists and I say these things in these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen…

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