A Quick Refutation of Darwinistic Evolution

I agree with what the Bible says concerning unbelievers. It says that they are WITHOUT EXCUSE.


Our modern western society, however, has come to a kind of popular consensus that there is no living God. For the humanists of today, God is merely a concept in the minds of the mentally weak and ignorant. To all such people I say: YOU are IGNORANT of the reality of God and you are WITHOUT EXCUSE.


It is assumed in many sections of the public sphere that our God has nothing to say. It is assumed that the wise and knowledgeable people already know that God doesn’t exist, or if He does exist, He is unknowable, that EVOLUTION IS A FACT, that we are all ANIMALS, and that the Universe kind of created itself. To all this, I say: “HOGWASH!” No one has proven any of these LIES. They are damnable LIES, and I will now show very briefly why.


The testimony of NATURE to ANY HONEST MIND is that THERE IS A DESIGNER. To all those who say, “it only has  the appearance of having been designed, in fact it is all due to mindless processes”, I say: “Just stop blaspheming.” Such baseless assertions are entirely WITHOUT MERIT.


Can our engineers today create from scratch a physical machine that has the power to build copies of itself from the environment? I don’t think we can yet. But even if we could, that would be a testimony to the genius of the engineers, would it not? If you saw such a machine, would you conclude that it came together by itself without a designer? Of course you would not.


But every biological cell is such a machine. And they all have complex DNA CODE which is like a computer program with its own language implemented at the chemical level. To believe, as some do, that these things just “happened” is to choose to believe in something next to impossible, and something you cannot prove. Just because it did happen doesn’t mean it could happen without a design. You’ve never observed spontaneous generation of life and you never will. So WHY do you believe in it? If you do believe in that, GOD says you are WITHOUT EXCUSE and I say that God is RIGHT.


Another thing: these days we are being told to worry about the growth of population and how we will run out of resources or burn too much carbon and so on. We know that human populations have been growing EXPONENTIALLY and that may be a cause for concern.


Now, applying the fact that human population grows exponentially, WORK BACKWARDS in time to work out how many generations would be required to get back to a tiny population of human beings. No matter which way you cut it, it doesn’t take more than a few THOUSAND years for a handful of people to multiply into many millions.


If this is the case, please tell me how random mutations in such relatively small populations could end up causing something like the human brain to evolve? Showing me a few old monkey bones or pygmy bone fossils won’t explain it. If massive populations were repeatedly wiped out leaving just a few survivors, why didn’t those populations leave a legacy of some ancient cities or at least habitations? Please don’t ask us to believe that one or two mutations caused mankind to suddenly acquire the intelligence to construct dwelling places all of a sudden.


Mathematics and statistics do not support the dogmatic assertions of modern evolutionary biologists. All these Darwinists and their followers are WITHOUT EXCUSE for their unbelief and their atheism / agnosticism. All people will give account to God, including those who trusted in MEN who said there were no compelling reasons to believe in God from a scientific point of view.


It is very foolish to TRUST IN MEN. Human history has shown that ALL MEN ARE LIARS. Do not gamble your eternity on what a bunch of LIARS have to say on the question of your ultimate origin, your identity and your purpose (or lack of it).


My rant has now finished. I do urge you however to seek out God with an honest heart. Do not follow the deceptions that our popular in this wicked and adulterous generation. For these deceptions were all inspired by the father of lies whose agenda is to steal from you, kill you and destroy you forever.


There IS a spiritual world, and in a few short decades, you will be fully conscious of its reality. Make sure before then that your heart is cleansed of all darkness, and you embrace the light of Almighty God.






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