A Knight’s Prayer

Forever Glory, what are your thoughts?
What pray tell, are your forget me nots?
I see your promise in the beautiful rainbow,
knowing that all rain must eventually go.
On one great day, you’ll return with clouds,
in the glorious way you left earths shrouds.
Do you think of that day like a groom to be?
Among all of your bride, please remember me.
Place me on a horse to ride at your side.
Send me in your army and return like a tide.
I know when I am week that you are strong.
Will you hum this melody as your own song?
Will you dispatch angels in legions for me,
so I can return them to you for your glory?
There are not enough stones in all creation,
to build a marker deserving of salvation.
Would you wait on me to be given a surprise;
could you patiently close all-seeing eyes?
To what might the King of Kings like to see,
to make His Majesty have more love for me?

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