A holy spirir appeared in my room true story of my exsperience in 1984.

I was a cocaine addict at the age of 24 i had been hooked on the drug since my first my first time trying it six years before. I started having encounters with Satan almost as soon as i started trying to quit the drug. It seems as though he had no problem with me as long as i was doing the drug. But as soon as i wanted to quit he started visiting me in my bedroom at night,Literally parylizing me in my bed at night as i laid there trying to come down from the drug, instilling a horrific since of fear in me, The room would fill with the most putrid smell, that wich seemed of a rotten animal.once he spoke to me, I did not understand what he said, It was a quick sentence in a gargled voice, It did how ever scare the living hell into me. This happened to me at least 6 times, Growing up going to a catholic church and believing in GOD but never really knowing him i knew the lords prayer thank the Lord for that because that was the only way to make him leave me alone. When he would show up and start tormenting me, I would start praying, Our father who art in heaven ,and instantly he would be gone. Then one night i was literally crying my eyes out and pleading for GOD to help me quit this horrible drug. Thats when it happened, a Spirit appeared in my room floating next to the sealing, It was a shroud , like the marble statues you see in the catholic church, It was a white silvery shroud of smoke like energy swirling about within the shroud yet never leaving the outline of the shroud, The room was filled with a aroma that to this day have never smelled on this earth,that of flowers , or something very holy it never spoke a word and i could see no face or hands it just floated there slowly lifting its arms,as i kept breathing deep breaths of this smell and knowing my soul was being cleansed. This all lasted only a minute or so and then it just dissapeared as quickly as it showed up. I kept wishing it would come back but it didnt. What happened next to me at the time was a joy. It was what sounded like monkeys screeching and being whipped out side of my window, They kept scratching at the screen but i knew they could no longer harm me, i was cleansed this lasted much longer than the actual appearance of the spirit, i just laid there smiling and enjoying the thought and fact that GOD litteraly showed up and answered my plead for help, I thought wow there really is a god he just proved it to me. I had a rash from my knees down on my legs in the morning when i looked the the rash was completely gone. I stayed away from drugs for about 6 months, then as many of you know the devil goes about seeking his victims like a roaring lion, and soon i fell back into the grasp of the devil with my cocaine addiction .Wich was a big mistake because i wasted the next 22 years of my life addicted to the drug, I couldnt get away or didnt really try. Then in 2006 i was arrested for a small amount if coke . Yet i wound up in jail for it, Thats where i started going to bible study classes a got saved by pastor Bob. When i got out of jail i stayed clean for 7 months then i moved a couple into my apartment to help with rent. There were doing the drug in there room and i knew this for a while. They tried to get me to do it too, But i kept refusing the drug then i slipped up that’s all it took hooked again, i ended up back in jail for disorderly conduct, This is where my second miracle happened. while attending a bible study, After learning of my long history of doing drugs since i was 12 The pastor and his wife were praying over me, Laying hands on me and asking JESUS to lift the curse of addiction . That’s when i felt a distinctive tap on my right shoulder, I turned to see who it was. Thinking it was another inmate, I looked and nobody was there, no person any way. That was April of 2008 and i hav’nt touched cocaine since then. its been over 33 months and i’m never going back again,my new addiction is JESUS. I feel that tap on my shoulder was GOD saying IT IS FINISHED. Praise GOD . My message to any and everyone out there is, There really is a loving caring GOD out there all you have to do is ask for his help and believe in the LORD JESUS CHRIST and make him your lord and savor and he can cure you from any addiction you have no matter what is is. They don’t call him the great physician for nothing, Get into a good bible based church, get saved and trully believe, read your bible,and stick with the word of GOD and Jesus will change your life for the better i am living proof of that. every thing i have written here is the GODS HONEST TRUTH , I pray that my testimony will help even 1 person change there life and make JESUS there lord and savior and it will be worth it . If he can do it for me he can do it for anybody. PRAISE THE LORD, THANKYOU JESUS THANKYOU LORD I LOVE YOU……

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