A friend in need of deliverance

I have a friend who has a very slight faith in God.She has been through a lot in her past so it is hard for her to have faith.She is very confused right now and she needs help.A big problem for her is that she has many questions that people can not answer for her so she thinks to herself how can I believe in something the people who claim to believe in do not even understand.I would love if you could pray that God will show her that He has always been there, is still with her, and will always be with her. If you need a name you can call her Ruby.For the sake of her secrecy I can’t give her real name.Please pray for her deliverance and that God will show her the way and that He is truly there for her despite everything she has gone through.I know she wants to believe but her doubt and lack of understanding hinders her.So please keep her in your prayer.God bless you.
The Hopeful

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