A Forgotten Key to being that “Excellent” or “Virtuous” Wife of Proverbs 31.

What sincere Christian married woman is there today who has read the Bible and not been concerned to see if she could somehow measure up to the standard of the “excellent wife” of Proverbs 31?

Many women, especially women in the western world have tried and said that it is impossible.

How can this woman be a successful property trader, merchant, housekeeper, trader, industrialist, wife and mother all at the same time?

Most mothers I know feel guilty because they can hardly keep the house tidy!

I would like to point out one forgotten key which I hope will set women free and empower them for a successful life. It is found in verse 15:

Pro 31:15  She also rises while it is yet night, And provides food for her household, And a portion for her maidservants. 


You can’t possibly do all that this woman “does” without having maidservants, or household helpers. When you are a businesswoman, making a good profit, doing property deals etc, you can afford to have employees, household servants, staff – call them what you will.

This woman is a MANAGER. Not all of the things that she “does” are done by her own hands. She is getting results through the labours of OTHERS.

Dear woman of God: this is a major secret for your success, if you are willing to accept it.

Give cleaning, tidying jobs to people who are willing to do them – you develop your skills and business acumen so that you can afford to pay them!

Where does it say in the Bible that it is wrong to employ people to help you in your housework? NOWHERE! That is just a cultural prejudice we have taken on in the western world in the last 100 years, perhaps because our culture has taught us that all forms of servanthood are wrong, that everyone should be “independent” and that it is “undemocratic” for people to have servants.

I am telling you, it is a good thing to emply people if it enables you to put your time to better use.

It is a good thing to be an effective business manager. This is what an excellent woman is called to be. If not every woman rises to this level, it does not mean that no one can or should. The only way to get to the top is to work HARD AND SMART, with the blessing of God.

This is possible. I urge women then to aspire to be all they can be for God, for their husbands, for their children and for society by organising their household affairs in this way as soon as they can. Not in order to be LAZY, but in order to achieve MORE and even be a creator of employment, income and eventual wealth for others.

God bless you ladies, I respect all of you who are serving Christ and your families in any way.

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