a dance with the Devil

Everywhere you look
you see them , bars , nightclubs , the party life it all seems to be so happy and everyone is having a good time ?

But deep beneath the surface of the alcohol
the late night strip clubs with all the glitz and glamor
and money seems to come from nowhere !

I have decided to share this story as a testimony
on how GOD change a life and take the worst situation
and create beauty for the ashes

i was in my late 20s when i fist got involved in the night clubs
i was going through a divorce , raised 3 kids and went to church
but out of nowhere my husband of 16 years decided to cheat on me and
leave me for a girl that worked in a bar
i was devistated ! all that a knew was being married , a wife , mother
and having good morals , i gave my life to Jesus in 1984
and raised my girls with Gods love , sent them to church .

After the divorce , i was so heartbroken
here was this man i was married to , we went to church and he
was now leaving me !
i turned angry toward God , asking ” why did you take him away ?”
i ran from the church the people that loved me
and my Lord

one day i was passing by a night club
and seen my exs car in the lot i was so mad i went in to find him there
with some girl drinking he was looking at the dancers
and i told myself ” fine if you can do it so can i ”
so the next day i went to the club , audtioned for a job as a topless dancer and they gave me the job !

the next weekend here came friday and guess who came in?
it was the ex husband and i was on the stage
he was so suprised his mouth could have caught a fly

something changed in me
of all the abuse i was put through in my marriage
and the control
i was now the one in the control
and found that i was in control i made the money
and used them

but years went buy
i had all the alchohol or drugs i wanted
but never felt loved
and i went from club to club , drinking dancing
making lots of money but there was a emptiness in me

i had it all the clothes the money the attention from the men
but still was not happy
i drank for free , hustled the men for the money
and left every night empty alone

untill one day i found myself
face down in the ladies bathroom
on a dirty floor
sick from too much alcohol
and woke up 2 days later !!

so you think the nightclub life is fun
and you think its harmless ?
and you dont think this could happen to you ??

neither did i

it took me to find myself face down in the dirt
almost a deaths door from alhohol poisioning
before i realized
what i was doing
i ran from God 20 years
untill i hit rock bottom !
GOD never left me I left him 🙁

but HE loved me and picked me up
dusted me off
and came home to HIM

what r you running from ?
drug addiction

Remember GOD loves you
and he knows your very heart
and HE wants better in your life

now at the age of 46
i met Rob a christian man
in Queensland Au
See? GOD knows when we are lonely and hurting
he knows every tear we cry

Dear Child if you think the nightclub life
is the way
you will find out someday
its a LIE
so is alcoholism
dont let Satan fool you into thinking
its a good time
cause in the end he just is out for your soul
and he will try anything to get it

even make dancing and drugs and alcohol
look good

God bless you
Debra Gallehawk

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