A Christian Upbringing is not enough

Being Brought Up in A Christian Family is Not Enough

Whatever we think and do may not be right at all time. Ask God to reveal the truth. We have only one chance in our life. So
be serious about it. It all ends with our death or Christ’s Second Coming whichever is earlier. Once upon a time I was
criticizing salvation. I was against baptism. Please read my testimony below. If you want to submit your life to Christ or
facing any confusion for submission based upon this testimony, please contact me at



My name is Simon. From childhood I had the desire to know God. But too many religions really confused me to which God
should I believe. Each religion claim truth in them. Because I was born in a Christian family, so I heard about Jesus. What
about others who did not born in Christian family nor did not here about Christ? For them no salvation? These were all the
confusion in my mind. Because I am born in a Christian family so I didn’t wanted to believe Christ. I wanted to taste Jesus

I was an active member of the church. (That was only to get a good name, but had no personal relation with God) I had that
emptiness in my soul. After my college education I moved to Mumbai [Bombay, India ed.] in search of job. Later I
developed my own business. God started blessing me. I became very proudy. Not afraid of anybody. So many times God
punished me.But I did not change. At last God catch me. In January 22nd, 1993 I was admitted to hospital for some heart
problems. A pain started in my heart. A thought of death came to my mind. I realized that if I die today definitely I will be
lost. I cried with a sincere heart, if there is a God existing, heal me today. God, give me a chance to know you, your
existence and to know the truth.  

With Gods grace I am miraculously healed. I got my life back. (Gods Holy Spirit is able to enter into each and every part of
our blood cells.)

As per my commitment I Started searching God, other religions, the word surrender, the death of Jesus for our remission of
sin, resurrection, eternal life etc., When I was searching to know God, so many doubts came to mind. I struggled almost for
3 months with confusion in mind. But Holy Spirit clarified all my doubts. In between God arranged so many mediators to
clarify my doubts. By hearing Jesus name or birth in Christian family is not the answer for salvation or eternal life. There is no
difference between others and you being Christian by birth. In this stage you are worldly like others. But anyone in spite of
his religion, if [the] root [is] a relation with Christ that is the beginning. I started reading all religious books in search of thirst
for God. But my soul is not satisfied.

At last my search came to Bible. That was the real time when I sincerely started reading bible. There is a quote in proverbs.
“Those who seek me, will find me”. When I started reading the Gospel of St.john small tiny lights started twinkling in front
of word of God. Definitely it was the work of Holy Spirit. That experiences are lasting till today. Always I find these types of
tiny lights in the form of stars move around me. It is a wonderful experience. I found great relief while reading bible. I felt like
God is personally talking to me.

Based upon the findings of the Bible, at last I decided to surrender my life to Jesus. I wanted to invite Christ into my heart. I
cried like a child, who lost his loving mother.“Jesus, come to my heart, forgive my sins, I believe you died for me”. I
brought all my sins in front of Jesus and asked to forgive me. That day Jesus did not come to my heart. I did not feel any
changes in me. The emptiness of my heart was not filled. I felt very sad. Again for few days I cried before Him and asked
Him why you are not coming to my heart?

At last Holy Spirit revealed to me the reason. Still dirt was there in my heart. I had enmity with 3 people and I had some
documents kept secretly with me as a future evidence against one person in case he creates any problem to me. God’s Holy
Spirit revealed to me, this is not right. I met all the 3 guys and reconciled with them. And I destroyed that secret document

That night was a wonderful night in my life. Again I went back to Christ for surrender. I started crying before Lord. Tears
started flowing into my cheeks continuously. I bawled like a baby. I cried like I’d never cried before in my life. I cried like a
man whose heart has been broken and of course, that’s just what was happening.

When I finish all I felt a sudden release of tension, and burden from my body. My body became light. I felt like sailing in the
atmosphere. My life melted down and transformed into a new creation. Peace entered. With a great relief I went to sleep.
Within a minute I became unconscious. I don’t know  what was happening to me. My lips started uttering a new language. I
heard the sound of heavy wind blowing into my room. A light came towards me and touched my forehead. Immediately I got
up from my vision. Yes, my surrender was complete. I experienced the Holy Spirit entering into my soul. Really it was

Later I took baptism. Baptism is not only essential but it is also an outward expression of an internal change. It is
commandment of God.

Now I am not afraid of death. Because my foundation is strong and confirmed. I am trying my best to be holy. God has
brought me here in Middle East to discipline my self. He taught me so many lessons with various incidents.

Dear friend, just think where you will be if you die today. Is it possible to die and see? Thank God, Jesus is not yet come,
and you are still alive.

Take a decision right now. Today is the day of salvation. We don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Remember that our
surrender should always be unconditional. Jesus will not enter into a heart if we keep something for us. Don’t keep condition
to Christ to come to your heart.

My everything is Jesus. He is king of my heart. Always I think about Jesus.

You can share with me your burdens. Are you blessed with this testimony? If so spread this testimony to others. Be a
partaker in spreading the good news of salvation.

If you have any suggestions / clarification contact me at livetestimony@yahoo.com

May God bless you.

Yours in Christ


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