A business inspired by God’s Power

A business inspired by God’s Power

Vimolwan’s Testimony

by Vachiravan Vanlaeiad

Vimolwan is a Chinese descendant (Hainanese) born in Thailand. She had worked with Thai TV Channel 7 (Advertising Department) for 15 years. After marriage, she had to resign from the TV Channel 7 to take care of her 4 months old baby girl as well as help her husband run a language school which was located at the renowned Central World (Pratunam area). While working and living there, one of her childhood friends (a Christian) had visited her once a month to tell her about God and His Son Jesus.

One day her Christian friend had given her a Bible. Vimolwan was very religious and fond of reading fortune-telling and horoscope books. She had set up an altar at her residence for placing various Buddha images and other sacred things. When she received the Bible, she had also placed it on the altar among other images and worshiped it! When her friend asked if she had read the Bible, Vimolwan returned it to her since she had never read it. Her friend then gave her a videotape showing one of Jimmy Swaggart’s evangelism campaigns. She and her husband had watched it and felt that these so-called Christians were crazy. She didn’t understand why Jimmy could laugh while crying, and utter strange words while praying. She thought these were nonsense and unreasonable. Her Buddhism was better since the Lord Buddha’s teachings were about causes and effects. These Christian things were ridiculous.

On a visit, her friend had asked for permission to pray for her. While her friend was holding her hands and prayed for her, Vimolwan cried and felt, for the first time, warmth and joy permeate her whole body. She didn’t know why she cried but she felt very happy.

Finally on the following Sunday, Vimolwan went to Tian Sung Church (a Chinese Church). She had also cried while worshiping God. Despite crying all the time she felt very peaceful. She was surprised and asked herself why she had never felt so joyful every time she went to visit Buddhist temples and give alms to the monks. She felt so good that she had promised to herself to come to church every Sunday. And up to the present time, she has never skipped church.

When she was less than a year Christian, she felt strong urge to tell others about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Her first convert was one of her own relatives. Also after opening her heart to God, she had burned all her books about fortune telling and Buddha images. She and her young daughter had also prayed for her husband until he came to believe in God too. She then converted her working and living place into a prayer meeting with 30 attendants.

However, prior to having opened her heart to receive Christ, her husband’s business of language school had been sluggish and finally hit the bottom after our country’s bubble economy was ended and Thailand had to enter into IMF rehabilitation program which set some strict measures to be followed. Vimolwan had to find new business opportunities. First, she and a friend of her had manufactured and sold artificial flowers. Unfortunately she was cheated by her business partner. She thus felt compelled to ask for help from God. She had prayed so hard for God to grant her a new business.

After praying fervently and continuously for a while, she had a dream one night. She had dreamt about seeing her mother mixing various kinds of herbs into a shampoo. When Vimolwan was 9 years old, she often saw her mother shampooing her hair with those herbs and, as a result, her mother’s hair was very strong, silky, and smoothly black. Upon waking up she was confident that God had given her this business. She then took a course on traditional medicine at the Ministry of Public Health. She has since produced shampoo using more than 30 useful herbs. For 9 years, her G&P Shampoo has been proven to be a high quality product. Since she did not have much money to do the advertising, at first she had to give her products or sell them at a very low price (especially to her brothers and sisters in Christ) in hoping that these people would tell others about them.

Thank God that at present, her products have been well known at a wider circle. They are available at almost every department store in Thailand. She has been praying and planning to expand her business on the international scale. When asked about what G&P stands for, she answered with wide grin that “G” stands for God and “P” for Power. That means her shampoo formula was inspired by God’s Power.

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