Please pray for me

Hi all

I just wanted to ask for some prayer. I’m really trying to put God as my first love in my life. I’ve been consecrating myself to the Lord and giving up things which the Holy Spirit has been convicting me of like certain computer games etc. I’m also in the process of joining a lifegroup (weekly meeting) with my church to get ‘into’ fellowship which God has been convicting me of doing for a long time now because I haven’t been in proper fellowship yet. I’m 25 years old.

What I am struggling with is I am constantly accused in my mind, and I struggle also with insecurity and like a general fearful attitude towards things (fear of rejection, irrational slightly paranoic thoughts – its mainly when I’m around others but also alone). Like even posting this I am motivated by fear of what others will think. I wish I could just concentrate of what I’m doing without these kind of thoughts popping in. Like I can be motivated sometimes in my decisions by fear instead of love. I’ve battled with this for a long time, but God has been steadily changing me with awesome results. I’m just kinda sick of constantly having to fight, it seems I have to resist so much in the Spirit to get some sense of freedom and peace. What I struggle with is mostly with thoughts, like irrational thinking and fears and accusations /being unsure of who I am -certainty. God is awesome cause He is so faithful and holds me up with His right Hand. Basically I would just ask for some prayer over this issue and if possible maybe someone could seek God about this for me?

Thank you so much.
My name is Daniel

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