Archives for October 2014

Defeating the Enemies of Your High Calling

***THIS IS AN AUDIO MESSAGE… PLEASE CLICK ON LINK TO ACCESS*** God desires that every one of us fulfill our high callings. This message helps to identify the enemies of of our high calling and how to overcome them.

Practical steps for hearing the voice of God

Today I was musing on our discussion in home group, about hearing God’s voice and how that feels. I started to ask myself the question: What helps me to enter into a flow that is consistent and regular in hearing God’s voice? For me, is trying to keep my mind focused on Jesus throughout the day, abiding in Jesus. […]

End Time Signs (Waters Turning to Blood since 2010)

The End Time Signs The Second Coming of Jesus is Closer than we think! Friends, there are so many End Time Signs happening in the World today because our Merciful and Loving God is urgently trying to warn His people before it is too late. The End Time Signs Group is a Christian group […]

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