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Overcoming Demonic Spirits and Spiritual Attacks

***THIS IS AN AUDIO FILE… PLEASE CLICK ON LINK IN ORDER TO ACCESS*** As believers, God has given us authority over all the powers of darkness. Knowing what Jesus has done and who we are in Him dispels all doubt and fear in dealing with oppressive spirits.

When God Sends Disaster

When God Sends Disaster If anyone thinks that because God is love (1 Jn. 4:16) that he therefore would never send a disaster upon anyone, especially those who trust in him, then consider the Book of Job. That one book should forever dispel the misconception of a God of love never letting anything bad happen […]

The Good News!

Daniel prophesied about a then-future period for Israel totalling seventy “weeks” – or seventy sevens, that is 490 years, or ten Jubilee-cycles – beginning from the date when the rebuilding of his Temple and City was decreed. Within that time-frame God’s promises for Israel were to be fulfilled. But Daniel also saw that afterwards great […]

Children’s church lessons, crafts and games on Eternity

I wrote this program for our children’s church yearly festival, for a full one day program. The lessons, crafts and games can be used individually though in any setting of children’s ministry or you can use the whole program as a whole for a special one day kids ministry event which runs from 9 am till […]

Anti-Semitic Eschatology or Pro-Israel Theology?

The person who regards events in modern Israel as the direct fulfilment of Bible-prophecy, feels that another person who regards those prophecies as already-fulfilled, must be anti-Semitic. But which of the two views of Bible-prophecy is most anti-Semitic? The first view portrays God as having snubbed Israel for nearly 2,000 years; and portrays God as […]

Sensitivity of Spirit

SEPTEMBER 2014 Sensitivity of Spirit “For God speaketh once, yea twice, yet man perceiveth it not…” (Job 33:14) Early this morning, I had glanced down at my phone and noticed that the screen was lit. I had turned off the auto-lock the night before and had forgotten to reset it, and when I picked up […]

Paul’s Gospel v Modern Liberalism, Messianic-Judaism and Jewish-Millenniumism

It’s important not to misuse an argument of Paul’s, which was an argument about a specific issue, as if it is an argument about a completely different issue. Misusing Paul in that way gives rise to some unfounded arguments in the popular issue of grace v Law (so-called); and the not-so-modern question of Arminianism v […]

The Christian Faith and the Day of Atonement

I heard someone on TV saying yesterday that God promises seven blessings to people who will remember to give a Day of Atonement money-offering to his Christian organization. If someone’s faith and conscience requires that of them, then so be it. But my understanding of God’s Word is that: 1. The obligation to observe the […]

Deadly Disease, Costly Cure

Deadly Disease, Costly Cure Ebola, enterovirus, HIV and other deadly diseases are emerging with more frequency in our world, and the world’s attention is drawn to finding ways to battle these diseases and possibly cure them. And all the while, the world largely ignores the deadliest disease of all and its cure. That disease is […]

Questions for Dispensational Pre-Millennialists

Since no-one can currently get saved other than through faith, which is unseen, how can all Israel get saved after Christ’s Second Coming, which they shall see? If God has some alternative way of instantly procuring all Israel’s spiritual salvation immediately before the end of the age, why doesn’t He procure it sooner? Seeing many […]

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