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Pink Unicorns and Other Nonsense from Atheists

Pink Unicorns & Other Nonsense by Paul Ross The atheist thinks it’s just as reasonable to posit the invisible pink unicorn as the creator of the universe as we do God; although atheists don’t believe in invisible pink unicorns they use such caricatures so as to belittle belief in God as a ploy to derail […]

Getting Ready for the End

Getting Ready for the End How you view death–and life, for that matter–is going to become more and more important as we quickly progress into these last days. For we have been told by our Lord in many ways that the last days will bring to their climax both good and evil (Rev. 22:11) and […]

Atheism – Dark Philosophy

Atheism: Dark Philosophy by Paul Ross Don’t you believe the atheists for one single second, this has never been about superior insights and intellect, but has always been about the father of lies expressing himself through the captives that he has secured. Atheists are nothing more than the channels of an ancient deceiver, who hates […]

Strong Revulsions against God – the power behind Atheism

Strong Revulsions against God by Paul Ross The atheist says that he/she doesn’t believe in God due to a lack of evidence and the Bible says that atheism is the end result of a suppression (Romans 1: 18); so here it seems we have an impasse. In the world of Psychiatry suppression is defined as […]

Overcoming Sin

***THIS IS AN AUDIO MESSAGE… PLEASE CLICK ON TITLE TO ACCESS*** Many are trying to overcome sin in their own strength and ability, but God has given us victory by walking in the Spirit.

What Does Healing for the Brokenhearted mean?

The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, Because He has anointed Me To preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted … Luke 4:18 – Jesus I must confess that when I read these words over the years the part about “healing the brokenhearted” did not really mean […]

Alien Abductions and the Christian Faith

If you ask around, if you look at certain online communities, you will find that there are a lot of people out there who claim to have seen UFOs – unidentified flying objects. I know it has been fashionable to write these accounts off by saying that people have only seen weather balloons or things […]

Song – Get that Bible to Another Soul

  I was at a Presbyterian church about to do a presentation. I opened the boot of my car and the pastor who was with me saw my guitar and jokingly asked me if I was going to sing him a song. I thought about that afterwards and the next day I wrote this song […]

How to Reap a Harvest

***THIS IS AN AUDIO MESSAGE… PLEASE CLICK ON TITLE TO ACCESS*** God wants you to have an abundant harvest, but in order to reap a spiritual harvest, we must become spiritual farmers. Just as there are principles that govern natural farming, there are also principles by which the Kingdom of God operates, and having an […]

The Terror of the Night

The Terror of the Night Most people do not take life seriously enough. This is the conclusion of a person famous for his wisdom, king Solomon, after he searched exhaustively (Ecc. 1:13) for life’s meaning with the extraordinary wisdom given to him (James 1:5, 2 Ch. 1:11-12) by the Author of all wisdom (Col. 2:3). […]

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