Archives for March 2014

2014-2015 Blood Moons: Why?

2014-2015 Blood Moons: Why? Some Christian watchmen have rightly pointed to signs in the sky in 2014 and 2015–the so-called Blood Moons–as events to which all people, believers and non-believers alike, should pay attention. There is no need to repeat their detailed information. Rather, the purpose here is to look at why God is doing […]

Kneeling Before God: the Cost

Kneeling Before God: the Cost There is a lot of foolish talk about God in the world. Some are so foolish as to dare to proclaim that he does not even exist. “The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God’” (Ps. 4:2 ESV). But even those who think that he might exist, and […]

Where is Heaven? Where is Hell?

Everyone has questions but there is only one place to find the True Answers to our questions, The Holy Bible. Is Hell real? The Bible says yes; in fact Bible makes reference to Hell more times than Heaven. Hell is a place of eternal pain, suffering, torment and where there is no rest nor peace […]

How to Help People Integrate into Church Life

I’m going to write some thoughts on this subject which I hope will be helpful. I have to preface all this by saying that the people belong to God, and in the end should go where God sends them. This consideration trumps everything else on this subject. However, if we have the kind of church […]

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