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Pray for the New Online Church

I value your prayers for the new online church. I'm now investing some serious time in this.



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Many Truths about God in a Single Verse

“He who forms the mountains, creates the wind, and reveals his thoughts to man, he who turns dawn to darkness, and treads the high places of the earth–the Lord God Almighty is his name” (Amos 4:13 NIV).

This is a brilliant and succinct summary of all of history, the vastness of all of reality, and much of what we need to know about life–all contained in this one verse of the Bible. It is a message of eternity, origin, destiny, judgment, salvation, and the nature and character of God. Quite an accomplishment for just a few words and a single verse.

True Story of an Alcoholic’s Deliverance
This is a true story of how God delivered an alcoholic God competely delivered me, there’s not even the smell of smoke left on me.

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Joined by the Spirit – by Ps Mike Sasser


The Orphan Spirit – by Ps Mike Sasser


3am Phenomena and Biblical Numerology.

I did not know there was a 3am phenomena until I wrote my book last year and discovered that many souls had demonic encounters in the early hours of the morning and in particular at 3am. I read online about quite a few experiences from others after I typed 3am phenomena into Google search engine. In my book my own experience happened at 3am in 1972 I wanted to know why the enemy appeared at that time, I then wanted to look further into this subject matter and this is what I found.

Biblical Numerology.

Re- the time of 3AM.

Still Conquering Persecution

The Word of the Lord Jesus and one of the minor prophets said that a man’s foes will be those of his ownhousehold. Our Lord’s words were true and so are the words of his prophet Micah who proceeded him. Matthew 10:36 say’s “And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.” While Micah 7:6 say’s ” …a man’s enemies are the men of his own house.” 8 days ago my biological mother threw me out of her home.

Prayer, Faith and Authority

God wants us to grow in prayer, faith and authority. God wants to do something good in your life. Not only in your life, but in my life too. And in the lives of people everywhere.

Pray More

God enjoins us to pray. To pray, and believe that God is going to answer. That we are going to get a result. God has told us that we are stewards of our time. If prayer was a waste of time, God would never tell us to pray without ceasing.