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2012 is almost gone & 2013 is on the horizon. God in His perfect wisdom gives a fresh start. Through the Lord’s mercies I am not consumed because His mercies fail not. They are new every morning. {Lamentations 3:22,23} I do not have to rely on 2012’s grace/mercy. I may have failed & had thoughts of I should have, I could have but I did not. 2012’s mercies are all used up & I shall see new mercies every morning. I get a fresh start in 2013. I do not need to look back but look forward. I cannot be progressive by looking back.

Small Steps into Darkness

One of the sad parts of having worked with youth for many years in the church is having seen some who were enthusiastic and truly on fire for the Lord while in the youth group, then, after growing up and leaving home, also leave the church and the faith. As long as they had the support and encouragement of other Christians while in the youth group, they truly lived for the Lord. But after leaving home and being on their own, they wanted exactly that, to be on their own, apart from the church and God.

It is Jesus’ Birthday But I get The Gift

Thank you Lord for taking care of me this year. Here it is Your birthday & I get the gifts. I have thought much about the gifts you gave me & first & foremost You poured forth Your forgiveness into my life. I struggled for years walking in sin & finally I gave up & came to You asking for forgiveness & You did not reject me but opened Your arms to me & adopted me into Your family. I am now a child of the King. It is & was the gift of grace that carried me to Your throne of repentance & the gift of grace that continues every day. Next you gave me the gift of the Holy Spirit.

How to Please God

Who Owns Your Soul?

God owns you! Your soul is not your own; you belong to another. God owns you by right of creation. Because he created you, he owns you–just as any artist owns that which he creates.

“For every living soul belongs to me” (Ezek. 18:4).
“You are not your own” (1 Cor. 6:19).
“A man’s life is not his own” (Jer. 10:23).

Immeasurable Grace

T OM    W O Y T H A L    M I N I S T R I ES

DECEMBER 2012     

Immeasurable Grace

“And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness…” (II Corinthians 12:9)


As we move forward towards the ending of times, I have listened to and observe Christians have an anticipation of an end time revival by God. As much as I would like to see this, I doubt seriously if it will happen in today’s current format of Christanity. It is high time that believers come out of ignorance and no longer settle for compromise in the form of tradition. How can you tell if someone has embraced ungodly biblical tradition? If you present them with truth from the Bible, historical information and still they wont change.



Before I begin talking about Paul’s struggle, I would like to differentiate between the Law and Grace. The Law tells us what we should or should not do. If a person so much as breaks one of God’s laws, that person immediately comes under condemnation. Why? It is because the Law demands perfection. Grace on the other hand is God’s unmerited favor. A person gets something he or she does not deserve. For belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior a person can be forgiven of his or her sins and put in right standing with God.


The Sky!!

Until recently I never paid that much attention to the internet or internet sites concerning the end times, or sites such as this one. Why the change of heart all of a sudden? A few years ago I began to have a particular dream over and over again. The dream would start and end the same way, everytime all the time. It doesnt take an acute insightful spiritual person, to realized that it is God no doubt trying to tell me something. Since then I have had maybe THREE other dreams which have stood out with one thing in common: some kind of event in the sky.

How to Worship God

There is a danger, of course, in a title like this, “How to Worship God,” that danger being pride–that I or anyone else should presume to tell others how to worship God. That danger is eliminated, however, when we let God tell us how to worship him–and he has, in his Word. To remove myself from danger, then, the following is a look at a single verse in that Word that says much about how we are to worship God.

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