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Bible Prophecies Fulfilled – Chernobyl – Wormwood

Chernobyl – Wormwood

“The third angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water— the name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters turned bitter, and many people died from the waters that had become bitter.” – Revelation 8:10,11

This prophecy was given in about 95 AD to John the Revelator on the island of Patmos.

The Bible Prophecy speaks of a star called Wormwood which caused great damage, and poisoned the waters, ‘Chernobyl’ is the Ukrainian name for ‘Wormwood’.

The True Meaning of Servanthood

At the age of 40, God showed me the true meaning of Servanthood.

Urgent prayer request for Captain Mathew

Today, I received a message from Capt Mathew informing that he has been admitted to hospital for heart surgery for multiple blocks. The surgery is scheduled for tomorrow . It is my urgent request to each & every brother & sister on this site to uplift Capt Mathew in prayers. He is a man of great faith and in this crucial time, he looks forward to all fellow-believers in Christ to remember him in prayers.

Thank you.

The Boomerang God


“The Lord is famous for the way he punishes the wicked in their own snares!” (Ps. 9:16 TLB).

Yes, very famous indeed. It is a hallmark of God. When you see someone receive on his own head the very evil he foisted on someone else, it is immediately recognizable as God’s retribution upon that evildoer: He gets what he dished out. That is the boomerang justice of God. Here are a couple of ways it is described in the Bible:

“As you have done, it will be done to you; your deeds will return upon your own head” (Ob. 15).

Financially helped at the right time through Jesus

My father died years ago without making a will. In addition, my brother and myself are not in good terms for decades now. I didn’t want any more confrontations with him, so my wife and I decided to give him the power of attorney (regarding my parent’s property) without expecting anything. I actually had no hope of receiving anything from my brother. Last year I spoke to him over the phone and he decided to give me Rs. 7,00,000 lakhs ($14,000) as part of my share. Though the property was worth much more, I was very excited to receive this amount.



Let’s step back into the Garden of Eden for a moment. Take a look at Genesis 6:3:

“And when the woman saw that the tree [was] good for food, and that it [was] pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make [one] wise, she TOOK of the fruit thereof, and DID EAT, and GAVE also unto her husband with her; and he did eat.”

Testimony – All Glory to Jesus !!

Last year in 2011, I experienced great blessings on my professional & family life, so I wanted to give ‘my contribution’ to God’s Ministry. In January 2012, I send a mail to a Christian organisation, enquiring all the details but unfortunately did’nt get any reply from them. As I was waiting for their response, I also enquired from another organisation in case the first one does not reply. After 5 months, I heard from them giving me all the required details with apology that their website was down. However, due to some reasons, I could not donate that time.

Fill with Food and Words

Food fills a mans stomach! But the words of his lips or another persons lips fills him with anger, pride, contentment, sadness, joy, wisdom, hope, peace, faith, fear, courage, boldness etc.

Be careful what you speak to yourself and what conversions you allow yourself to be part of.

Psalm 6: God’s Help and Judgment: Now and Then

Psalm 6

A psalm of someone in deep trouble. This much is clear.

6:1: “O Lord, do not rebuke me in your anger or discipline me in your wrath.”

Into the valley of the shadow of death

Into the valley of the shadow of death.
Terry Wilson
“Looking under rocks LTD.
(leaving no stone unturned)

A brief testimony
2Co 11:26 In journeyings often, in perils of waters, in perils of robbers, in perils by mine own countrymen, in perils by the heathen, in perils in the city, in perils in the wilderness, in perils in the sea, in perils among false brethren;

In the beginning of 2011, I began to suffer with an extreme depression…

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