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A Big Picture

The sanctuary faded, the music dissipated as I let go. Lifeless and dead my body hung in nothing.
Water engulfed me in a canyon I had been wandering. As it filled, the walls suddenly were around me, encasing me. I realized I was in a coffin but not of human design.

Redeemed from the Pit of Suicide and Mental illness
I am a survivor of attempted suicide, however it is by no power of my own. This blog is not about me per se but the one who has redeemed my life from the pit of suicide and mental illness. Allow me to introduce you, his name is Jesus Christ. Now I know what you may be thinking but this blog isn’t about religion but a relationship…

Why do some individuals make attempts?

How to Identify the “Word Of God” and those who are of God.

“Dominus illuminatio mea” is the motto of the University of Oxford and the opening words of Psalm 27, meaning, “The Lord is my light”. The Word of God is “The Good Oil” [fuel] that keeps our Lamp lit.

Dearly Beloved of God and our Lord Jesus Christ or nay. Let they that hath an ear to hear, hear, read and understand the words that I render unto you this day.

The word “render” means to give and moreover to “Give Freely” (NO STRINGS ATTACHED or RECOMEPENCE [meaning remuneration/payment], for the Lord commanded us “of that which ye freely receive, freely give”).

Prayer request

Hello. I dont know where to begin. I have given the testimony of my life and where God has brought me and how far and long he has carried me. I have recently been baptized. That was a beautiful day for. But not for Satan. As I use to be his biggest tool. With him being so unpleased he had gone through others that are non believers and taken away my pride and dignity at work with harsh and utterly disgusting rumors about me. I was humiliated at work I was sad all the time. I couldnt talk to anyone.

Even short prayers can produce the most tremendous results

It’s a war
There are approximately 7 billion people on the planet but there are only about 2 billion people that call themselves Christians, so we are outnumbered but only by statistics because if there was only 1 Christian in the world the rest of the world would be outnumbered in the terms of power. People all over the world pray to false idols and false God’s and we know that their time and prayers go unanswered but our prayers do not go unanswered. We can pray the most basic, simplest and shortest of prayers and expect to see very powerful results:-

The Gift of Jesus

Jesus said, “I am come that you might have life and have it more abundantly” (John 10:10). There’s something in the account of the birth of Jesus that if you get a hold of the abundant life he came to give you will be yours. When God gave us Jesus He supplied us with everything we would ever need. Notice what the scriptures say, “Blessed be the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ” (Eph. 1:3) also “According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness” (2Peter 1:3).

Sin and Saints II: The Law -Then and Now.

In the first part, we covered that “sin is the transgression of the law.” If we are to go deeper, we must answer “what is the law?” This is where many break off into two camps and our trains of thought diverge. Why? Because their are two sets of law in scripture!

The Old Testament Law and the New Testament Law.


This is my first attempt at posting a blog. The source of this information comes from the website written at the bottom. The comments are my own. Whether or not you agree with my comments is your prerogative. I realize that there is no Scripture, so you will have to do your own homework. It will give you a good reason to read your Bible. Anyway, here goes.

A series of events are set into motion when two people decide they want to “cut the covenant.” It is referred to as the blood covenant ceremony and is considered a most serious and solemn event.


Holy Roller

many years ago,I was asked by a man to fix his car on Sunday,I told him,I’d rather not,maybe monday,and he got a little angry with me and he called me holy roller.well I guess I am, I believe God,period! used to didn’t,but I was convinced by God,who saved me. anyway,I believe in praying until and not accepting anything short of a real move of the Holy Ghost. It bothers me,when some say ask and believe you recieve and forget it. 5 years later its still forgotten.

Choose The Law Of Life

God has set before you life and death, blessing and cursing and He is so good that He tells you which one to pick (Deuteronomy 30:19). He said choose life, so the choice is yours. Which ever one you choose it is going to be by the words of your mouth. Because the Bible says life and death, and blessing and cursing is in the power of the tongue. They are all in the power of the tongue and whichever one you speak is what you will have. There is a law behind each one of those things that many are not aware of.

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