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deliver me

I have had some of the most beatiful experiences from God I was even filled with his holy spirit. Still I have fallen .I live eah day with the thought that I will over come. Many people say that I have to give it all to God, but i know for a fact that I have to take the steps to over come too. Still I fail to take those steps. I give in beause at the moment I enjoy the sin but then as always when the sin is over I am ashamed and fallen.I have dealt with certain sins my whole life. Thoughts that others put in my head and in time filled my heart and eah day I try to over ocme, but I ant .

Stand and Faint not

So many christians are living below their potental, serving God isn’t just going to church,having a few songs,preaching on 2 or 3 scriptures,taking an offering ang going home. I believe we should be watchful to the times,and people who are in need,if nothing else a kind word. when Jesus was asked,why this one or that one had diseases or blindness,or demons,crippled and such,he said,not because of any sin he did or his parents,but that the Son of man may be glorified.

devils fear God’s people

few years ago I went to a church sunday morning,during that service,a stranger came in and when the alter call was done,he went to the alter and people prayed for him,I didn;t go to the alter that day,there was about 60 people,! guess, but nothing unusual,that night ,service was at 6.30,as usual,my wife and I went in and set down,out of all the people there,he sat beside me,about 3 seats from the back.

God answers prayer

I learned that prayers don’t always have to makes sense to anyone else but ourselves and God, People sometimes think what you ask God to do has to be important to everyone,but thats not true, God sees the heart of his children and does things not so important or proper to everyone else,but only to YOU.

Old time religion 2

Many times we are tried and tested,but we cannot stop,It seems the closer you try to get to God,the more the ememy trys to cause us to give end and back off,all of us who have been at 1 time or another faced that,but the greater the battle the greater the victory will be,I remember a little girl that was close kin to my pastor,she was bed ridden for years,her parents sometimes would take her to church but they were not saved. When my preacher,told me she said how she would like to go to school again,but was too sick. for 2 years she was bed ridden. well it touched my heart.

Old time Religion

I went from 0 to wide open when I found God to be real. After my first encounter with the power of the HolyGhost,it was as if I woke up in a whole new world,where what was the everyday became an adventure in seeing and hoping to see,what is God going to do next ! I began reading and praying and the fire of the HolyGhost was so strong inside,even when in anger,once I was about to lose my temper at my wife,and suddenly,fire began to jump inside of me as to say stop,it was so undescribable,It made me laugh,all my anger was gone.

the need For Jesus Christ in my life and the redemption of my soul.

to all who are the followers of JESUS CHRIST AND THE ONE TRUE GOD,HIS FATHER IN HEAVEN I ASK FOR YOUR PRAYERS TO DEFEAT THIS demon or demons that have for so long ruined my life with a drug addiction I can no longer live with and to deliver me from this.

A Vision of the Lost by William Booth


i am losing hope… i dont know where writing with no Christian friends and supporters will lead me…

i feel terribly uneasy… please support me… i feel alone… i wanna be happy guys…

i WAS into occult before

Please pray for my protection from envy and all kinds of sabotage

Ive been having so many plans for myself. My older sister envies. I so feel it of course we live in one house, She’s so insecure and always leaving offensive comments and facial expressions that hurt me. I am afraid, nobody else supports me in the family… I have been reaching out to her because im now a Christian but it’s really hard because i get no good, sincere response. i got everything she doesnt. i feel so unsafe here.

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