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Thanksgiving and Your Life


Pastor Caspar McCloud The Upper Room Fellowship


 Let us pray


Why Trust Jesus and Not Buddha, for example

Some believe that we create our own reality and that all religions might be just as valid in their own way as any other belief system.

I’m sure that many people of different religions seriously believe the teachings of their religion. But I believe there are limits to the reality we can create through our own beliefs. Once death occurs, in my view anyway, which is based on the teaching of Jesus, souls will go to the spiritual kingdom they died belonging to, and after that there is going to be an eternal judgment and a resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous.

The Price of Sin

For every action there is a reaction, we are even taught this in grade school. This is a true saying in all things. When people choose the party life it,more often than not they find themselves up to their neck in trouble, all at the same time trying to convince everyone how much fun they have. It seems strange that the fun and care free lifestyle that people say they have,are the same ones,are killing themselves or someone else or in jail. Sin is not free,there is always a price,sin will take you farther than you want to go and harder to come back ,or not back at all.

Power of Prayer

It was 6 years ago,my oldest son and his wife of 10 years seperated,with 2 kids 1 was 2,the other was 6. His wife left taking the kids. This is what the party life with lead to. My grandchildren both have C.F. Well after this came many problems for my son,also wars with me. My grand kids found themselves with a party hardy mother and the same with their dad. After 2 years of being moved around from place to place with their mother,she all but gave them up,so my son finally took them,but they stayed with me much of the time.

severe depression

I joined this site a few days ago. I guess because im at a point that life seems so hopeless.everything that matters to me seems to be slipping through my fingers and in this present storm its tough to hang onto Gods word. But I know He is the answer. I know He is the beginning and the end. The Alpha. And the Omega. I have very five children that love me very much. And a wife that hopefully does too. Im scared and worried about some legal things im going through that everyone of my christian friends says will be ok. But on the outside it don’t look ok. Please help

Online Church

I'm inspired by the very real possibility of having an online church with people that want to come together to worship God online, pray together, hear the Word of God and share many aspects of life together.

We are currently in recess with this. But for details or to express interest and stay updated via our newsletter you please go here.

Once you Believe in Jesus, then What?

Let's suppose that you have come to believe in Jesus. You believe He is the Son of God. You believe that He gave His life to save you, to pay for your sins. You believe He rose again. You have put your faith in Him and you want to do the will of the Father now. You turn your back on the rebellious practices you once engaged in and you are willing to live a new life. So how do you actually get to do the will of the Father? The first instruction Jesus gives to people who believe in Him for the first time is to continue in His Word.

When I was saved

I was a lost person didn’t have much a head of me in my life .. i grew up in La Miroda Cal , there is were I start doing drugs and drinking alot i did that for about 20 years of my life I was in the Hospital and my mom was there and she asked me why and i said i like it so she took my house key and walked out.. from there i had now were to go and my sister took me in i sobared up at my sisters house and stayed sobar..

Guess My Name

Guess My Name
By: Sandra Rains

Though I walk through the valley
of uncertainty
I will not fear the unseen
And though I walk through pain
and misery
I will not become unclean
I have roamed this world for decades
untouched by human hands
I am but a fading memory
full of pain, you can not comprehend
In dark my face looks tattered and abused
in light I am like you

The False Prophet

As in the days when Jesus walked the earth, John the babtist was sent ahead of Jesus to preach of his coming. his job was to pave the way or prepare the people for his arrival. While in today’s world,the antichrist will copy his entrance in a simular manner,however my thinking is,he will be using money and business conections with powerful people.He will use his money to cause termoil in economies,drive prices of everything upand make people and their families so preoccupied with the trouble of the day,they won’t see the danger until its to late.

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