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Thoughts from some guy – r.e. athiesim

Friends of Jesus;

“So He said to them, ‘This kind can come out by nothing but prayer and fasting.’ Mark 9:29

It’s not strange that our “atheist” friend (actually I have a hunch he is Gnostic) finds prayer abhorrent. Of course he would because it is one of the most powerful weapons that we have in our arsenal.

“Please don’t pray for me…”?
That statement alone has just proven to us how powerful prayer is!

The Word of God, Prayer and Fasting.

The Bible


Hi All !

I want to say good-morning and praise the Lord for another blessed day, It’s 4.25 am and I’m doing some spiritual bible study ,apart from saying hello to everyone. I would like for all of us to take some time and thank God for all he does, even when we do not understand what is going on. It is a blessing just to wake up and see another day.

I hope everything is going okay in your lives, but if not ,just keep on trusting him, as the song says ‘ I don’t believe he brought this far to leave me. As you go through your day ,no matter what happens give God praises and thanks.

On the ethics of “praying for someone”

I recently submitted my “hello folks” post to the forum. I am an an atheist, and I suffixed my post with an explicit request not to be told if readers wanted to “pray” for me. The response was rather inevitable – I was prayed for.

The whole point of including this suffix was a contrived segue into my first forum – the ethics of praying for someone, who has explicitly asked not to to be prayed for.

So – this begs the question – when it is ethical to do something that is explicitly requested NOT to be done?

My understanding is that people pray for me for a few reasons.

sexual abuse

So many woman and men have been sexualley abused.I have met countless woman who claimed they were married to a christian man that raped or beat them.So many woman have contacted me that have either posed in the nude or are involved in porn because they feel their life means nothing because they were sexualley abused.Several men told me that their gay and their life means nothing because they were sexualley abused.I am not going to lie to you,I am not going to say I knowwhat your going through but I will say this Jesus Christ sufferd more than any other human has suffered because he didnt

Prayer Request

Hi fellow Christians, My name is Lenin I Just wanna share few words with you guys i had been working herein Dubai for the last 5 years, God has given me wonderful opportunities to build up my job career but i couldn’t get success in that because of ignorance when my life’s going on smoothly, i forgot our lord Jesus so that, God punished me by losing my job. Now i’m in trouble as i lost my job now i realized that what wrong i have done in my life.

Atheist says hello – no flaming please

Hello folks.

I am an atheist. I’ve joined here simply to try to learn a little more about christians, what you think, why you think it and how you think it.

I am not here to flame or abuse you, and I hope you will find the same. I AM here to ask you questions. I think this is the case for many, however my questions are not intended to consolidate or nurture my faith – I have none, my questions will be specific, quizzing specific parts or events of the bible, and what they mean for you.

ipso facto, you are of course, free to ask me any questions you wish too.

My realization.

As a child, I grew up in a half-and-half house. My father is atheist, my mother was a practicing catholic. I went to church some days, especially on christmas and easter.
I studied the chatechism and took my first communion.

It was then that the cracks started to appear.

Who was god? what role did he play?
noone seemed to really know the answers, my teachers, preists, and certainly not my parents. The answer “god created everything” was VASTLY inadequate – “how”? is the next question, which is quickly answered with “he’s god”.

Follow Jesus or Paul?

i read the bible online for now, maybe later i will read the quran also. i am searching the truth, but as of now I confuse about the teaching of Paul, because seems like it contradict to the teaching of Jesus. see for example this 2 verses below.

Paul said:
Having abolished in his flesh the enmity, even the law of commandments contained in ordinances; for to make in himself of two one new man, so making peace; ephesians 2:15

Jesus said:
Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill. matthew 5:17

I used to believe in once saved always saved

I believed it, I defended it and I preached it until God opened my eyes.

I BELIEVE THAT THERE IS AN ASSURANCE OF SALVATION (to those who will endure to the end) BUT on the question … Is it possible to lose one’s salvation? I believe that the bible answers it YES. The phrase “it is impossible to lose your salvation” (once saved always saved) resembles a phrase in Genesis 3:4 when satan tempted Eve and said “you shall not surely die”

I believe that the phrase “IT IS IMPOSSIBLE LOSE YOUR SALVATION” ALSO COMES FROM SATAN. (I have seen this led many many “Christians” to sin)

Fired after 5 days

After searching for a job for nearly 5 months, last week I finally found one as a cafe assistant. I went in for the trial last week Wednesday and everything went well and I got the job. Then I went in again on Thursday and Friday for a few hours. Monday was my actual starting date, it was busy but I managed. There was so much to learn, and the pressure was on. On Tuesday, we had another busy day and I made a mistake as I was taking the coffee orders so instead of writing soy flat white I wrote flat white. My manager was so mad at me and didn’t speak to me much for the rest of the day.

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